02.15.2012 - Chapel Hill Grand National open to all competitors

02.15.2012 – On the heels of the Monday announcement concerning the new program for WKA Speedway Pavement competitors, the most popular question was whether the August Grand National event at Chapel Hill Raceway in Humphrey, New York applied solely to drivers who were locked in by virtue of their victory in their respective Super Regionals.

While winners of Super Regionals will have certain perks by virtue of their successes prior to the Grand National, in order to build the Pavement program back up, divisionally and nationally, the Grand National event is open to ALL competitors, no matter what their status.

Additionally, drivers do not have to compete at a Divisional or Super Regional in order to compete at Chapel Hill as well. The event is open to any and all participants. If there is a class for you, then you are more than welcome to attend.

Competitors may also run more than one divisional. WKA is not making any demands of any competitors, other than you have to be a WKA member in order to compete, which is a standard at any WKA Sanctioned events.

The program is also open to any additional tracks that would like to sign up. Currently, there are 2 more northeastern tracks finalizing details, with potentially 2 more tracks in the northeast possibly interested. Cut off for track participation will be April 1.

More details regarding the new pavement program will be forthcoming.