Given the results of the survey taken at the scales at Daytona, it was mutually agreed that the weights in the Komet and Yamaha Sportsman classes be set at 250 and 265 for the Standard and Cadet Chassis in this class, with the weights again being monitored on Saturday of the Zoom Zoom Nationals by WKA officials.
Additionally, it was the suggestion of both collective groups, the Committee and Board, to implement a Final 1/Final 2 format for the balance of the year in Yamaha Sportsman.
However, since the season has already started, in difference to the structure of the Cadet class, which also runs a Final 1/Final 2 format but for one championship, the Yamaha Sportsman class will still run for two championships in 2012, despite the change in structure.
A review of the format for the Yamaha Sportsman class for 2013, as well as the rest of the Man Cup program, will come later in the year.
The Tire Rule for all Sportsman competitors will continue to be enforced throughout the year with competitors in the Cadet, Komet, and Yamaha required to run the same tires both competition days.
Any competitor registered to run just on Day No. 2 will still be required to run a set of used tires, containing the tire markings from that specific event. No other version will be allowed. Sportsman drivers, as well as drivers in any other competition class wishing to run the same tire on Day No. 2, will report to the tech area at a time determined by officials on the evening of Day No. 1 to have their tires branded.
Entries continue to build for the season’s second event of the year in Kershaw, South Carolina. To view the entry blank for the Zoom Zoom Nationals, click here.