02.21.2012 - South Carolina Dirt Series joins new WKA Dirt Program

With gas prices heading toward the $4 mark by spring, the intent is to save the competitor as much money as possible on travel expense, all the while refortifying a strong local base of competition at the Divisional level. This move will allow many competitors to continue racing for a national championship, primarily in their own back yard, while cutting travel, meal, and hotel expenses down dramatically.
Joining the new program will be the South Carolina Dirt Divisional Series at Possum Kingdom Super Speedway in Belton, South Carolina.
Jayson Brown and the SCDDS will host four WKA Divisional Races in 2012 at Possum Kingdom, one of which will be labeled a Super Regional. On the Super Regional date, competitors will run for double points with all class winners in the nationally recognized WKA classes gaining guaranteed starting spots in the December Dirt World Championships at Daytona International Speedway in Florida.
Additionally, all SCDDS Divisional champions will be granted guaranteed starting spots in their respective classes as well. Should guaranteed starters elect to run at Daytona, they MUST take a qualifying lap. However, any guaranteed starter will start no further back than 10th in their respective fields, another perk for those that have earned their way into the field.
It is also important to note the Daytona event is still open to ALL competitors, not just the guaranteed starters.
While discussions continue with many other dirt divisionals and dirt karting groups, the bottom line is beating the gas prices at the pump and keeping the momentum of karting heading in a most positive direction.
Here are the dates for the South Carolina Dirt Divisional Series for 2012.
May 26: Divisional
June 23: Divisional
July 28: Super Regional
Sept 15: Divisional