03.20.2012 - King George Speedway adds name to new 2012 National Pavement program

CONCORD, N.C. – WKA officials are proud to announce the addition of King George Speedway in Virginia as the sixth representative to join the new WKA Speedway Pavement Program in 2012.

Along with Chapel Hill Raceway, Oakland Valley Raceway Park, Poughkeepsie Speedway, and Riverhead Raceway in New York, as well as Sandy Hook Speedway in Maryland, the new program will find all six facilities running a minimum of a four-race WKA divisional program. Of those four events, one race will be deemed a Super Regional, awarding double points across the board, and locking the race winners into the Grand National field at Chapel Hill Raceway in Humphrey, New York August 10-12.

While Super Regional winners will have certain perks in the Grand National, the Chapel Hill event is open to ALL participants, not just the divisional race winners throughout the year. Winners in each race will be honored as the 2012 champion in their respective class or classes.

With the addition of the many tracks comes the resurrection of the flatheads, with one day of the two-day Grand National being dedicated to flathead classes. Below is the current list of tracks, as well as their respective Divisional and Super Regional dates.

Current Race Dates

March 25: Oakland Valley Divisional

April 14: King George Divisional

April 21: Sandy Hook Divisional

April 22: Poughkeepsie Divisional

May 5: King George Super Regional

May 12: Oakland Valley Divisional

May 19,20: Chapel Hill Divisional

May 20: Poughkeepsie Divisional

June 3: Riverhead Super Regional

June 16: Sandy Hook Divisional

June 17: Oakland Valley Divisional

June 17: Sandy Hook Super Regional

June 30: Poughkeepsie Divisional

July 14: Chapel Hill Super Regional

July 15: Chapel Hill Divisional

July 21: Poughkeepsie Super Regional

July 29: Oakland Valley Super Regional

Aug 5: Riverhead Divisional

Aug 18: King George Divisional

Sept 15: Sandy Hook Divisional

Sept 29: King George Divisional

Oct 13,14: Riverhead Divisional