06.05.2012 - WKA announces change in Firestone tire compound for remaining 2012 Gold Cup events

firestone-2CONCORD, N.C. – Due to declining business globally, Bridgestone/Firestone manufacturers in Japan recently cut back on machinery and work force. The end result is an issue regarding continued implementation of the Firestone 5.00x6 YKD tire that senior competitors utilize on the WKA RLV Tuned Exhaust Products Gold Cup Series.

However, recent testing has been done on a new Firestone 5.50x6 YLF tire, which has proven most successful and quite comparable to the current 5.00x6 YKD.

With the shortage of the 5.00x6 tire imminent, combined with the successful testing results of the new 5.50x6 YLF, WKA Officials will be allowing either brand of tire to be run at the upcoming Baker Racing Engines Nationals July 13-15 at Michiana Raceway Park in South Bend, Indiana with the 5.50x6 YLF completely replacing the 5.00x6 YKD at the August 17-19 event at Pittsburgh International Race Complex.

If competitors still have new 5.00x6 tires, still in the wrapper, they can trade them in for the 5.50x6 YLF at either Margay Racing Products or Grand Products.