02.16.2012 - WKA announces Gold Cup Series rules corrections, additions and clarifications


CONCORD, N.C. - With the Gold Cup Series opener in Jacksonville just over two weeks away, the WKA office has been receiving numerous calls asking for rules clarifications. In addition, the Board of Trustees has approved changes to rain racing in the series. Here is the latest information for our Gold Cup competitors.

4-cycle Engine Rules: Several changes to the 4-cycle engine rules were published in a Pit Board announcement and web site post on February 14. Some of these changes and clarifications apply to various Gold Cup classes. Gold Cup competitors and engine builders should review these to make sure that their engines comply.

2-cycle Class Rules: Rules and specifications for the Parilla X30, Parilla X30 Junior and Komet Sportsman classes are now available on the WKA web site. To access these rules go to www.worldkarting.com and click on Downloads. Under Downloads, click on Tech Updates and scroll to the bottom of the last page. Also note that the bodywork for these three classes is CIK style only. See the 2012 WKA Technical Manual Section 200 for details on the bodywork for these classes.

Tires: As previously announced, the spec tire for the adult 4-cycle Gold Cup classes will be the 6” Firestone YKD.

The spec tire for the junior and sportsman 4-cycle Gold Cup classes will be the 5” Bridgestone YLC.

The spec rain tire in all 4-cycle classes will be the 5” Bridgestone, as Firestone does manufacture a 6” rain tire.

 The spec tire in the Parilla X30, Parilla X30 Junior and Komet Sportsman classes will be the Vega X Green, and the rain tire will be the Vega rain tire.

The LO206 Kid Kart class will not race in rain conditions.

Bodywork: With all of the new classes the bodywork rules can be a little confusing, so let’s begin with the easiest one first. As noted above, the bodywork in the three 2-cycle Gold Cup classes will follow the CIK style bodywork rules in Tech Manual Section 200.

There is much more flexibility in bodywork for the 4-cycle Gold Cup Animal and Clone classes.

In 2012, CIK bodywork is legal in Animal and Clone Gold Cup divisions. Competitors may run traditional Gold Cup bodywork, CIK bodywork, or a combination of both; e.g., it is legal for a competitor to run a Gold Cup style nosecone and CIK style sidepods, and vice versa.

The LO206 Kid Karts can run Kid Kart chassis, Cadet Chassis or standard chassis. See Section 900 for Kid Kart bodywork rules and Section 200 for Cadet bodywork specifications. For full sized chassis bodywork specifications see Section 250 for Gold Cup specs and Section 200 for CIK style bodywork specs.

Remote Air Filter for Rain Racing: In the event of rain and the rain tire rule is put into effect, the air filter may be relocated using flexible tubing. A standard air filter or a WKA approved 2-cycle air box may be used. A rain deflector may be used as long as it does not provide a ram air effect.