07.19.2012 - Chapel Hill Grand Nationals tire rule news

CONCORD, N.C. – The WKA office has received questions regarding tire rules for the upcoming August 10-12 Vega Speedway Pavement Series Grand Nationals at New York’s Chapel Hill Raceway.

The following should clarify any question competitors may have.

Question: What tires are legal?

Answer: Any tire brand that was legal at any recognized WKA Speedway Pavement Divisional track is legal. These tracks are Chapel Hill, Poughkeepsie and Oakland Valley in New York, King George in Virginia and Sandy Hook in Maryland. Riverhead did not run a divisional series in 2012.

Legal tires from these tracks are Firestone, Vega or Burris for flat karts; Vega or Burris on champ-karts.


Q: Is there a specific compound that is legal?

A: There is no specific compound of tire mandated. Any compound of Firestone, Vega or Burris for flat-karts, Vega or Burris for champ-karts is legal.


Q: Can I run a tire that was legal at another WKA Divisional track, but not at my Divisional track?

A: Yes. You may run any of the above listed tires, whether or not the tire was legal at your Divisional track.


Q: Are new tires allowed on Sunday?

A: No. Tires will be branded on Saturday and need to be run Sunday. Any racer who shows up for Sunday only will be required to run a minimum of 20 fast laps of practice on their set of race tires before qualifying. Those tires would be marked or branded after the practice and prior to Sunday’s qualifying.


Q: Will the tire sniffer be used in tech?

A: Yes. There has been some concern that tire prep may be detected on rims from racing at a track where tire prepping is legal. If there is a substance detected by the sniffer, the competitor will be allowed to dismount his or her tires to test the tire only without the rim.

If you’re concerned the sniffer will may detect a substance on your rim(s), WKA recommends you replace the valve stem prior to the event as it is the most common source contamination the sniffer will detect.


Q: Can I run used tires on Saturday?

A: Yes, as long as it’s a Firestone or Burris on flat karts, and Vega or Burris on champ karts and they pass the sniffer test.