08.02.2012 - Gold Cup senior class tire announcement

CONCORD, N.C. – Senior WKA Gold Cup classes that previously competed on 6” tires will make the change to the Bridgestone YLC 4.50x5” front tire and Bridgestone YLC 7.10x5” rear tire, effective at round four of the 2012 series, the Performance North / Jammer Clutches Nationals Aug. 17-19 at Pittsburgh Int’l Race Complex.

The front max rim size to be allowed for the 4.50x5” YLC tire to be 6.5” inside and max 7” outside. The rear rim size to be used with the 7.10x5” YLC tire to be 9.25” inside and a max of 9.75” outside.

Tech for compliance would be the stated outside max dimensions, i.e., 7” max front and 9.75” max rear.

Questions can be directed to the Gold Cup Competition Committee.

Click here to view the WKA Competition Committee web page.