04.25.2013 - 2013 Chapel Hill Speedway Pavement news

CONCORD, N.C. – This summer will mark a new era for WKA’s Speedway Pavement program with two big events at Chapel Hill Raceway in New York, the first a July 13-14 event and the Grand Nationals August 9-11.

The July show will be a two-day event (Saturday and Sunday) while the Grand Nationals will take place over three days (Friday through Sunday).

In July, practice will run the first half of Saturday before racing begins. Tentative plans will have racing to go into the night Saturday with racing under the lights. Sunday’s program will offer a morning practice before getting into racing earlier in the day so teams and families can head home at a respectable hour.

The Grand Nationals will open Friday, Aug. 9 for practice with a handful of local classes racing under the lights Friday night. Saturday and Sunday will include traditional WKA national classes mixed with a number of local classes that run at area dirt tracks. Tentative plans will have racing go into the evening Saturday with more racing under the lights.

Here is a rundown of the program and classes that will be offered at the events.

On the champ-kart side, little has changed from past years. Lite and Heavy classes will be offered for Junior 1, Junior 2, Junior 3 and Senior Champ. These divisions will run Briggs & Stratton Animal engine only. Standard WKA champ-kart rules will apply. A tire rule will be announced soon.

A Pro Senior Champ money class will be offered. Pro Senior Champ will pay back five spots and drivers must enter at least one of the two Senior Champ trophy classes in order to run the Pro Senior Champ money race.

On the flat-kart side, a number of classes have been added in an attempt to attract racers from area dirt tracks. New Chapel Hill owner Ronnie Flaim has spent countless hours researching and networking with area dirt racers and teams and has a list of classes that will be run on the pavement with hopes a number of dirt racers will try their hand at the Chapel Hill asphalt oval.

These classes are Novice, Youth 1, Youth 2, LO206, Extreme Stock, Super Stock, Youth Clone, Clone 350 and Clone 450.

Rules for these divisions are based on what the area dirt tracks run for rules. CLICK HERE to view rules for the local classes.

The current class structure leaves room for WKA to add a handful of flat-kart divisions to the schedule. Officials are still working to develop a complete class structure.

An entry form for these events will be posted in May.

Direct questions to WKA’s Keith Shampine at 704-455-1606 or Chapel Hill owner Ronnie Flaim at 716-474-5221.