04.10.2012 - Briggs & Stratton 4T Full Synthetic Racing oil custom blended by AMSOIL

WAUWATOSA, Wis. – As a racer you put a lot of time and effort into doing what you love.  Your engine is the heart of what becomes your fastest lap, a successful pull, or your lowest E.T. of the year.  With your engine playing such a critical role in your success, what do you really know about the oil you use?

‘Oil is the life blood of our engines’ stated David Klaus – Director, Briggs & Stratton Racing.  ‘Where we can engineer an engine for the rigors of racing, hand build it to insure the highest quality on the market today, we cannot control the choice of oil you use.  Many of today’s industry standards come with significant compromises that most racers are simply unaware of until it’s too late.’

What-if there was an oil available that combines the speed and horsepower of lite oil and gave you the protection of heavy oil?  An oil that requires less oil changes and gave you better protection over time with the added benefits of rust, corrosion, and wear inhibitors?  An oil designed for the fuels we use and the elevated temperatures that high revving, air-cooled engines live in?  Lastly, what-if it was made by a leader in synthetic racing oils and done in collaboration with the largest manufacturer of small engines in the world?

Introducing Briggs & Stratton 4T Full Synthetic oil customer engineered by AMSOIL.  No more what-if’s, no more compromises.

Ask for Briggs & Stratton 4T Full Synthetic Racing Oil at your Briggs & Stratton Racing source of supply.

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