05.29.2012 - WKA West Super Series round three race report

PRAIRIE CITY, Calif. – Just shy of 100 karters were welcomed to All Star Kart Track in Prairie City, CA for the 3rd round in the 2012 WKA West Super Series, presented by Bridgestone, RLV, and Grand Products. Drivers were eager to take to the track Sunday morning and beat the inevitable heat.


Starting the day off at All Star Kart Track was the KPV1 class which attracted 15 karters from ages 9 to 12.

Jason Pettit and Roy Fulmer set the bar early with Pettit Qualifying pole with a 46.708 and Fulmer a 46.784. Going into the Heats, this class made it clear that there was no shoe in for 1st position today. Roy Fulmer, Jason Pettit and Chase Farley remained your top 3 during the Pre Final and began to pull away from the rest of the class making this a battle for 4th position and that going to Horatio Fitz-Simon with Nascimento hot on his trail. Rounding out the Main Event, Fulmer, Pettit and Farley once again broke away from the pack leaving Roy Fulmer to take the First place followed by Jason Pettit, Chase Farley, Horatio Fitz-Simon and Richard Stock to complete your top 5.

Kid Karts

Kid Karts would follow KPV 1 onto the track with Sam Wood laying down a poll time for qualifying at 57.330, more than a two second gap between Wood and the 2nd place qualifier of Alec Acevedo. Wood kept his top spot throughout Heat 1 and the Pre Final but ran into some trouble in the main, spinning on lap 2 Wood saves himself only to end up in the barriers in the Snake Pit in lap 3. Cody Batterton was left to defend his 1st place spot but the real battle was between Alec Bridgman and Alec Acevedo for 2nd position. Batterton took the 1st place win in the Main Event followed by Alec Bridgman, Alec Acevedo and Race Godelson.


KPV 2 proved to be a greatly anticipated race with Sonny Cervelli making his comeback after losing steering in WKA Round 2 in Davis last month. Cervelli delivered by qualifying 3rd with a 44.287 just shy of six tenths off of our poll setter Blake Murdock. Cervelli made his move in Heat 1 and finished 1st with Blake Murdock, Blaine Rocha, Cole Davis and Isaac Martin making up the top 5. In a shocking turn of events, Murdock was sent into the barriers in turn 4 on the second lap, making Cervelli followed by Blaine Rocha, Cole Davis, Michaela LaSpina and Grayson Browne the group to beat. Into the Main, Cervelli puts a huge gap between himself and his competition and setting fast lap for that class at 44.532. Rocha, Murdock, Davis, and LaSpina all put the pressure on in the Main Event and we can’t wait to see them in the next round of this series!

Clone Sr.

Continuing their rein of being the biggest class with 20 karts were the Clone Sr drivers. It looked to be an easy day for Jon Ban, qualifying poll at a 35.797 followed just one tenth off by Brad Delk but Brain Hill was not going down without a fight and he took the top spot in the Heat 1 with Rob Nascimento just itching to battle it out later in the day. A battle was starting in the Pre Final with quite a few spun karts coming out of turn 1. Making their way out of the wreckage were Brian Hill, Rob Nascimento, Justin Henry, Lizzie Tidwell, Chad Nascimento, Jon Ban, Carol Brown, Wayne Bundy, RJ Kahler and Shane Szuh. Ban looked to the inside to take 4th place from C. Nascimento and he did it making a great pass only to be met by a popped chain and taking him out of the Pre Final. Giving the Clone Sr drivers a run for their money, Hill pulls away from the pack but the real taker would be Justin Henry who made his way from last all the way up to 2nd place! Henry was DQ’d in tech but we will give credit where credit is due for his great driving! Brian Hill takes the win for the Main Event and having held 2nd throughout the finale was Brandon Shaw and Rob Nascimento not far behind him. Jon Ban climbed his way back up through the field giving him a 3rd place finish, not easy to do with RJ Kahler and Nick Grossi not making that a walk in the park for Ban.

Clone Jr.

Jake Pipal may have been the only Clone Jr of the day but he ran with the Sr drivers all day showing that he will not be pushed around and he was here to drive! Keeping to the back of the Sr pack, Jake Pipal threw down a qualifying time of 52.164 and took all the points for this race and we are all looking forward to seeing him shine at the fourth round in the WKA West Series.

Sr. Super Sportsman

Bryan Parmenter showed his skill in the Super Sportsman Qualifying session putting out a poll time of 45.825 just one tenth ahead of Anthony Snow, setting the scene for a very close race day. Snow came out on top in the Heat 1 with a gap over Parmenter and Bryan Gallagher who was followed closely by Jarred Wolff. After a complete Restart in the Pre Final, Snow shot into first with Parmenter coming for him and Gallagher not letting either of them forget that he’s there. Snow made this look like a piece of cake giving himself a 4 kart gap between himself and the pack. Battling fiercely resulted in Parmenter and Gallagher taking themselves out and putting Wolff, Nick Robertson and James Brussard to start the Main in 2nd, 3rd and 4th where Parmenter and Gallagher knew they needed to put some work in to get back to the top. Working his way through the field, Parmenter took the 2nd position from Wolff and didn’t give Snow the distance on him this time and toward the last few laps really closed that gap but finished 2nd to Snow, making 3rd Wolff followed by Robertson, Brussard and Gallagher.

Jr. 1-2 Cycle

Jr 1-2 Cycle drivers are ages 9 – 12, and with a 12 kart field were eager to have their chance at seat time. Matthew Martin made a name for himself qualifying with a 48.853, two tenths over Wyatt Couch and three tenths over Richard Stock. Martin held that lead in the Heat 1 and the Pre Final sessions with Couch and Gino Gigliotti hot on his trail and making sure Martin felt the pressure by staying right on the back of him. The green flag flies in the Main Event and Gigliotti jumps into 1st place for the first few laps only to be passed in turn one by Martin. Matthew Proud did a great job holding his 3rd place spot for a great portion of the race only to succumb to the pressure he was feeling from Wyatt Couch and Richard Stock who followed suit to come into the 4th place finish. Just when we thought Martin was in the clear, Martin comes up to the group of lappers in the distance, looking back to see Gigliotti reeling him in fast and in one smooth move Gigliotti takes 1st place just in time to see the white flag fly! Gigliotti holds off Martin in the finish with Couch, Stock and Proud right behind him.

Formula 80 Masters/80 Senior

A small field for the shifters showed no short of excitement starting the day with the Formula 80 Sr driver Adam Booker qualifying two tenths above Jon Ban and Josh Cole who was DQ’d from Qualifying. Formula 80 Master driver Steve Nagai qualified 44.407 and stayed close to the Sr drivers throughout the day. Heading into the Heat 1, Cole held the top spot for awhile but was feeling the heat from Booker and Ban was also closing in hard. Booker takes it down the front stretch and takes the 1st place finish from Cole and following that line was Ban who slides to the inside of Cole with three laps to go and takes the 2nd place finish. Cole attempted to redeem himself in the Pre Final and really put the heat on Booker trying to get by. Booker and Cole get tangled, Cole pulls through but Booker is left on the sidelines to start 3rd for the Main Event. Booker didn’t go quietly and threw himself quickly into 2nd in front of Ban and Nagai but still two kart lengths away from catching Cole. Winding down to the last six laps Cole missed a gear and gave Booker the opportunity needed to regain his 1st place finish and taking himself out of the race.80 Senior 2nd place finish going to Jon Ban and Steve Nagai taking 1st place position and points for the 80 Masters.

TAG Masters/TAG Senior/ TAG Junior

With a mix of Seniors, Masters and a Junior driver was our TAG class. Corey Mitchell put in the work throughout the day to hold everyone off and after a qualifying time of 44.090, 6 tenths faster than Ray Zarick, Mitchell dominated the day with 1st place finishes throughout for the Masters, leaving Zarick and Dennis Goodson to battle it out for 2nd and 3rd places. Zarick steadily held 2nd but Goodson saved the best for last and sent Zarick down to 3rd in the Main Event. Qualifying 1st for the Seniors, Chris Mugnaini set the poll at 44.392 leaving Wayne Ash two tenths behind and Andrew Colombini one tenth off of Ash who in the sessions to come left Mugnaini and Colombini to fight for 2nd and 3rd positions. 1st place finishes in the Heat 1 session, Pre Final and Main Event, great accomplishments being that this is Ash’s second race ever, Great driving Ash!! Our TAG Junior driver Isaac Martin qualified at 44.668 and took home the 1st place trophy and points for his class for the day.

Spec PRD

The most anticipated class of the day, the Spec PRD drivers who had spectators on the edge of their seats all day! With a 14 kart field they head into the Qualifying session with Shelby Sander laying out a fast time of 44.103 and Matt Chase not far off of Sander at a 44.151 and Ryan Sisemore just 3 tenths off of Chase. Heat 1 got exciting from the second the green flag flew with Chase taking pole position from Sander who was all over Chase’s bumper making sure he knew that she was coming for her spot back! Sisemore saw an opportunity and took over 2nd place above Sander who returns the favor by taking her spot back and creating felt pressure for Sisemore from Brandon Tomko who makes a successful pass on Sisemore. Back in 2nd place Sander looks anywhere she can to get around Chase and with the white flag flying, makes her move and brings the crowd to their feet as she makes a great pass coming out of turn four, starting her 1st for the Pre Final and sending Chase into 2nd! Showing she has what it takes, Sander dominating the field in Pre Final and the Main and setting fast laps in each of those Sander takes home the 1st place trophy! Chase held tight on the back of Sander all day and finished the Main Event in the 2nd position followed by Ashlie Couch in 3rd who fought her way through the field all day. Sisemore remained toward the front of the pack all day but in the Main Event ended up tangled with Tomko and ultimately not able to finish. The 4th place finish went to Brandon Tomko followed by Amber Friedberg, Ryan Casner and Arielle Kuntz.

Big thanks go out to Sponsor RLV, who provided track-side support all weekend, Track Warrior Photos, Melanie Miller Photography, Bridgestone and Grand Products.   The 2012 WKA West Super Series next travels to Northern Nevada for Round 4, scheduled for June 10th at the Desert Park Raceway, in Reno, hosted by the Northern Nevada Kart Club. Practice and Pit Parking is available the day prior, June 9. Entry Forms and information can be found at www.WKADistrict10.com or by visiting the club’s website, www.NNKC.com.