06.14.2012 - WKA West Super Series Round 4 race report

RENO, Nev. – 96 Drivers made the trip up to Northern Nevada Kart Club this past weekend to participate in the largely awaited 4th round in the 2012 WKA West Super Series, presented by Bridgestone, RLV, and Grand Products. They were faced with a Saturday practice day of strong winds and cooler temperatures leading into a much warmer long day for Sunday’s race day. With NNKC using their Track #4 layout, these drivers looked out at a 0.667 mile set up ahead of them!!


With a full class of twelve KPV 1 drivers, these kids kicked off our Sunday Race Day with Jason Pettit and Chase Farley picking up where they left off in round 3 of our WKA West Super Series!! Farley took the lead in the Qualifying session in Reno setting the bar high with a 54.663 and leaving Pettit to fall in place behind him with a 54.887 and Matthew Martin not wanting to be left out with a time just one tenth off of Pettit. Farley put the pressure on Pettit going into the heats and made his presence known when he took the pole from Pettit in the first heat session! Round 3 winner, Roy Fulmer IV who qualified eight tenths off of Farley, fought his way back up to 4th in the first heat session and going into the Pre Final looked like he was going to give Farley and Pettit a run for their money taking them three wide down the front stretch.   Mechanical issues would end up with a DNF for that session for Fulmer, relegating him to the back for the Main Event. Farley held off the masses and finished with a 1st place win and after a rough start getting shuffled back to 4th in the Main Event, Pettit took the 2nd place finish leaving 3rd place to Eric Nascimento, who took his time on Sunday to make his way through the pack but chased closely by Branden Benedix in 4th place and Mikey Prinzo taking the final spot in the Top 5.

Kid Karts

Kid Karts may include the smallest drivers, but their determination is big! With a group of six, the Kid Karts headed to the track to battle it out for that trophy! Alec Acevedo laid down the law qualifying with a fast time of 1:09.350 and giving himself some wiggle room with just over a 1 second gap between himself and Cody Batterton. Nolan Wyman, an NNKC native, qualified 4th with a two second gap off of Acevedo, made his way in the mix, taking 2nd place in the first heat session behind Acevedo and then dominating Acevedo’s former spot with a win in the Pre Final! Alec Bridgman, Cody Batterton, Sean Cox and Race Godelson battle it out all day for the remaining spots and after some great racing, round out their Main Event with Acevedo reclaiming his 1st place spot, Wyman hot on his trail in 2nd place and Batterton, Bridgman, Cox and Godelson, who each fought to hold their positions against each other.


Heading into the 4th Round of the series in KPV 2 with Sonny Cervelli taking home a win from Prairie City, but in Reno, Blake Murdock was not going to make this a walk in the park for Cervelli setting pole in qualifying with a 50.261 just eight hundredths over Cervelli! Blaine Rocha made a fast lap of 50.477 with Harrison Mills and Cole Davis making great times and advance into the Heats as the Top 5. The green flag flew for Heat 1 and Cervelli took the top spot where he immediately put a gap between himself and Murdock, where the two take off in a race for 1st!! Blaine Rocha doesn’t trail too far behind, eagerly awaiting Murdock to slip up and give him opportunity to make a move. Cervelli, Murdock and Rocha and your 1st, 2nd and 3rd drivers headed into the Pre Final to duke it out again! After a 4th place finish and a relentless fight to make his way closer to the top 3 spots, Mills has a motor swap and starts from the back of the pack to make his way all the way up to the 5th spot behind Cervelli, Murdock, Rocha and Davis who strived to keep their positions heading into the Main Event! In the Main, Murdock sent Cervelli into the 2nd spot leaving Rocha to make a move next! Cervelli felt the pressure from Rocha and put his game face back on to show Murdock his bumper after a great slide back up into 1st which gave Rocha the opportunity he had been waiting for to jump up into 2nd for the checkered flag finish!!!! Murdock brings it in for 3rd, Mills took 4th and Cole Davis round out the Top 5 and setting up some excitement for Monterey in August!!

Spec PRD

Spec PRD drivers have definitely been in anticipation of this race and their chance to take home that 1st place trophy!! Matt Chase, who took home the 2nd place win from Round 3 at Prairie City, CA, set the time to beat in the Qualifying session Sunday with a 49.960 and leaving Ryan Casner, shadowing behind him just four hundredths off and Anthony Snow to 3rd being just five hundredths off!!! In a show of great sportsmanship going into the 1st heat, Casner and Chase bump knuckles from the front row coming around to take the green flag. Casner takes the lead with Chase hot on his trail and Shelby Sander, champion from WKA West Round 3, holding on tight to her 3rd place spot! Sander worked her way around Chase to take over the 2nd place position and does not stopping there!! The white flag flies as she put the pressure on Casner, she looked to the inside but can’t quite make her way in; it’s Casner, Sander and Chase who have created a great lead on the rest of the class and will head into the Pre Final in that order with the CRG America Pilot Cabot Bigham and the Energy of Anthony Snow making up the leading group. As the PRD class head out for their warm up laps, Chase runs into some mechanical issues and does not start the race, setting him back for the Main Event, giving Cabot Bigham a leg up on making his way to the front! One lap in Bigham got even closer with Snow out of the race as well, these drivers felt the heat from each other and the rowdy bumping sends Sander to the back of the pack but made her way back up to 7th between Amber Friedberg in 6th and Elijah Prychodzko in 8th. Heading into the Main Event, Brandon Tomko made his way from his 3rd starting position into 2nd and put some fierce pressure on Casner who held tight to his line in an effort to remain the leader!! A Red Flag after the 5th lap sent Chase, Ashlie Couch and Prychodzko into each other and into the barriers down the straightaway!!! With the Red Flag out, Race Director Kevin Williams declares the fifth lap to be the finishing order for that class, and making awarding the win to Casner, followed by Tomko, Brandon Shaw, Sander and Sisemore. After a challenging day everyone was glad to see everyone walk away from the collision!!

Formula 80 Masters/80 Senior

While the previous WKA West Formula 80 Master and Senior classes haven’t had the biggest turn out to this point, this was definitely a rush to see a dozen karts take to the track Sunday!! NNKC natives Formula 80 Senior driver Mark Nason and Formula 80 Master driver Cody McKinney were not about to be out qualified on their home track, putting down times of 48.792 for Nason and 48.935 for McKinney. Adam Booker, our champion from round three, was not going to let anyone stop him today and qualified just two tenths off of Nason who held Booker off all day long up and into the Main Event! Nason kept the distance between himself and Booker and made the race for second between Ben Fisher and Josh Cole who qualified within two hundredths of each other! Cole, hot on Fisher’s bumper all day but gave Cole the advantage for the Main Event due to a DNF in the Pre Final along with Eric Rumfalo, Gerry Williams and Cody McKinney who got tangled up with other karts leaving 5 out of 12 drivers on the track. Booker holds tight to that 1st place reputation he is building in his 80 Senior class with Rumfalo and Cole placing behind him and Roger Cornwall and Mike Roes taking 1st and 2nd for the 80 Masters class.

TAG Masters/TAG Senior

Following the Formula 80 drivers were the two TaG Master and one TaG Senior drivers, familiar faces, Corey Mitchell, Dennis Goodson and Wayne Ash. Mitchell quickly taking the reins of what is a seemingly relaxing day for this class with a fast time of 49.937 and Ash only two tenths behind Master driver Mitchell. Ash and Mitchell break away for a good portion of the day all the way through to the Main Event and create a lot of work for Goodson who continues to trail behind them. Making a name for himself with his 3rd race so far is Wayne Ash and we can’t wait to see what he brings to round 5!

Jr. 1-2 Cycle

Nine Jr 1 2 Cycle drivers made it out on Sunday with excitement in their eyes as they arrived for their first race day practice session at NNKC. The action of the day was between Matthew Martin and Eric Nascimento. These drivers were eager to deliver their fast times and try and claim that 1st place spot and all the bragging rights associated with it; Martin and Nascimento did not disappoint! Martin putting his skills to the test in Qualifying with a 55.548, relegated Nascimento just one tenth behind him, followed by Oliver Calvo, Richard Stock and Wyatt Couch! At the green flag in the first heat, Martin quickly moves to 1st while Calvo puts up a tough fight to take the 2nd spot from Nascimento while Nascimento was not leaving Calvo any room to get by!! Both drivers were hot on the back of Martin who felt them not far behind! Nascimento held off Calvo, looking to Martin for any opening, while Calvo finds a way past him. Calvo looking to pass Martin succeeds with 5 laps to go but doesn’t get the chance to get comfortable, Martin repays the favor and reclaims first. Losing position to Martin, Calvo finds himself off into the dirt and out of the race! Nascimento sees opportunity with 3 laps to go makes his move to the inside of Martin.   Martin drops back yet another spot when Stock followed Nascimento past him! Martin displayed great driving and some serious sense of willpower and reclaimed his 1st place spot for the start of the Main Event. Nascimento was all over Martin’s bumper after seeing the final green flag of the day, while Calvo came up on Couch and put the pressure on him to hold his line or he was going to 4th!! Calvo drops back and finds himself battling with Clayton Williams for a spot as they both now gain some speed on Matthew Proud with Couch with Anthony Bridgman commanding the back spot! Martin pulled away and he secured his spot for 1st place as the white flag flew, but it is a fight to the finish for Calvo and Williams as they finish 5th and 6th behind Nascimento in 2nd, Couch in 3rd and Proud in 4th!

Clone Sr.

These guys are not messing around! With 22 Clone Senior drivers signed up for race day, there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that this class was going to get interesting! Chad Nascimento was itching to make his comeback from the previous race, qualified out front with a fast time of 57.466, while Jon Ban and Stephanie Lienau hung in for second and third place. With a few karts out in turn one of the first heat, C. Nascimento began to break away from the group leaking Ban and Rodney Rivera to duke it out behind him and try to make their way through several more karts heading off into the dirt. With a black and checkered finish for the first Heat, there was sure more to come for the Pre Final! Only two laps into their next session, the Red Flag flew due an oil spill on all the way around the track from two karts! With an extended clean-up the Pre-Final was determined official, to prepare the class for the all-important Final. Coming around for the green flag, its NNKC native Rivera and C. Nascimento side by side into turn one and Rivera takes the lead in the Final! The caution flags are out after a near accident with a huge pack of drivers, several of them sitting on their sides but most are able to continue the race. Making it through the pack, Rivera dropped back a couple spots to find himself being pushed uphill by Brandon Shaw who is struggling to get into the top positions with C. Nascimento and Rob Nascimento!! With three laps to go, Another incident brings out the Red Flag. The Final was determined complete, and the class is done for the day, awarding the win to C. Nascimento. Followed by R. Nascimento, with Rivera third.

Clone Jr.

There may have been only 2 Clone Jr Drivers Sunday but they ran the entire day with the Senior drivers making up a class of 24 karts!! NNKC native Dean Andrews left his mark taking on the WKA West Points Lead, Jake Pipal by qualifying seven tenths ahead of Pipal and ended up taking home the 1st place trophy and points for the day but these guys hung in there all day and made their way through the accidents and oil runoff. Can’t wait to see them dominate in round five of the WKA West Series.

Sr. Super Sportsman

A small class for the Super Sportsman drivers with only three, Bryan Parmenter once again took to the Qualifying session with a 52.218 leaving Nick Robertson eight tenths off and making Anthony Snow one second off fast lap. It looked like Snow was going to give Parmenter a run for his money after making his way past Robertson and these three drivers were into each other all day trying to make their way around one another. Snow has a bumper hanging off the back and gets a clear view of the Mechanical Flag flying as he pulls off the track and unfortunately doesn’t get the opportunity to finish the day out in this class after his decision to take a breather due an accident in his PRD Spec class that knocked the wind out of him. Parmenter and Robertson take to the track after the clones have an oil spill and make one complete lap for the Pre Final before deciding they were not liking the feel of the track at the time and after facing off in the Main Event, it’s Parmenter remaining top dog in the Super Sportsman class as he takes home the win for our last class of the day! We can’t wait to see what’s to come for WKA West Series round 5!!

Big thanks go out to Sponsor RLV, who provided track-side support all weekend, Track Warrior Photos, Melanie Miller Photography, Bridgestone and Grand Products.   The 2012 WKA West Super Series next travels to Monterey for Round 5, scheduled for August 5th, hosted by the Monterey Bay Karters. Entry Forms and information can be found at WKADistrict10.com.