09.04.2012 - K80 Comer, Yamaha to be tagged at New Castle Manufacturers Cup

CONCORD, N.C. – The K80 Comer and Yamaha KT100 engines will complete the WKA Mazda / Bridgestone Manufacturers Cup engine tagging process that has progressed throughout the second half of the 2012 Man Cup season.

All K80 Comers and KT100s will need to be tagged prior to qualifying rounds at the Sept. 14-16 McLaughlin Motorsports Grand Nationals at New Castle (Ind.) Motorsports Park.

K80 engines will be tagged from muffler bolt to shroud bolt (see photos).

Yamaha engines will be tagged from the left-front head bolt to left-front ignition cover bolt (see photos).

All bolts and nuts must be drilled with a minimum 1/16" hole diameter hole -- 3/32" is preferred for ease of installation.

These are the final two engines that need to be tagged. Beginning at New Castle, all class’s engines (KPV, all TaG, Leopard, Cadet and Yamaha) will need to be tagged prior to qualifying.

We encourage everyone to properly prepare your engines before arriving at the next event. Drilling hardware at the track can prove difficult.

No one will be able to qualify unless the engine tags are in place and the proper paperwork has been completed. Forms will be provided at registration.

Direct questions to WKA at 704-455-1606.

Yamaha Engine Tag Example Photos
yamaha-1 yamaha-2 yamaha-3
Komet (KPV) Engine Tag Example Photos
komet-1 800x600 komet-2 800x600 komet-3 800x600
TaG Engine Tag Example Photos
dump--june-2012 005 dump--june-2012 006 dump--june-2012 007
K80 Comer Engine TaG Example Photos
k80-1 k80-2