10.19.2012 - WKA Daytona Dirt World Championships classes, tire rules announced

2012 dirtCONCORD, N.C. – One of the most anticipated Daytona Dirt World Championships is coming up this December 28-30 at the Daytona International Speedway Flat Track.

Since the October 8 announcement that the World Karting Association is teaming with the DynoCamsTri-State Pro Series for this year’s event to make Daytona the 2013 Tri-State points opener, officials have been working to lay out the structure of the weekend.

The following explains many of the key announcements racers have been awaiting.

Classes and Tire Rules
Maxxis and VEGA will be the prominent tires at Daytona. Every class, with exception to the Unlimited All-Stars (UAS) and Yamaha KT100, will run either a Maxxis-only spec tire or a Maxxis / VEGA option.

The reason for this is that Tri-State is a Maxxis-only series, while WKA has commitments to include VEGA in the nine WKA Florida Divisional Dirt Series classes, which is running this fall at Volusia. There is also a commitment to Maxxis through the WKA South Carolina Divisional Dirt Series.

A total of 37 classes will be on the 2012 Daytona Dirt schedule.

Many of these classes are “traditional” WKA Dirt divisions. Additions include seven big “pro” races that will run a Maxxis-only tire rule.

The seven pro classes (listed with minimum weight and winning purse) are the following.

-       Pro Clone (380#). $10,000 To Win. Pays 10 places.

-       Pro Animal (375#). $2,000 To Win. Pays five places.

-       Pro Animal Junior (320#). $2,000 To Win. Pays five places.

-       Pro Clone Junior (280#). Eight to 12 years old. Green plate; small pipe. $2,000 To Win. Pays five places.

-       Pro Junior 2 (Animal 300#; Flathead 290#). $2,000 To Win. Pays five places.

-       Pro Junior 1 Animal (265#). $2,000 To Win. Pays five places.

-       Pro Champ (425#). $500 To Win. Pays five places.

Other Maxxis-only classes are the following.

-       Junior 1 Lite (Animal)
-       Junior 1 Heavy (Animal)
-       Junior 1 Champ (Animal)
-       Junior 2 Lite (Animal / Flathead)
-       Junior 2 Heavy (Animal / Flathead)
-       Junior 2 Champ (Animal / Flathead)
-       Junior Lite (Animal)
-       Junior Heavy (Animal)
-       Junior Box Stock
-       Junior Champ (Animal)
-       Animal Medium
-       Animal Super Heavy
-       Animal Senior Stock
-       Champ Lite
-       Champ Box Stock

WKA classes that will run a VEGA or Maxxis option tire rule are the following.

-       Junior 1 Box Stock
-       Junior 2 Box Stock
-       Box Stock Medium
-       Box Stock Heavy
-       Box Stock Super Heavy
-       Box Stock Senior Stock
-       LO206 Heavy
-       Animal Heavy
-       Raptor Heavy

While a number of sponsor negotiations continue to be worked out and will be announced in the coming weeks, Briggs & Stratton Racing has confirmed its support of this year’s Dirt World Championships. Briggs has posted $2,000 toward Animal Pro class. As noted, this class will pay $2,000 to the winner.

Another confirmed sponsor is South Carolina’s Possum Kingdom Speedway, which has posted sponsorship for the Pro Champ event.

Junior 1
The Junior 1 category (age 7 to 10) is the traditional Junior 1 Lite, Heavy and Champ for Animal only and Junior 1 Box Stock for Clone. Junior 1 Lite, Heavy and Champ will run Maxxis-only and Junior 1 Box Stock will run a VEGA or Maxxis option.
Junior 2
The Junior 2 category (age 10 to 12) has been adjusted from WKA’s traditional rules.

In the past, Sportsman 2 Lite, Heavy and Champ have been Animal-only in WKA competition. This year, citing a successful program in the Tri-State Series, Briggs flathead engines will be permitted to run against the Animals in Junior 2 Lite, Heavy and Champ. Flatheads will be able to run at 10 pounds less than the Animals.

Junior (age 12 to 15) racers will have plenty of options at Daytona.

In addition to the Junior Animal and Junior Clone $2,000-To-Win Pro classes, the Junior age bracket includes the traditional Junior Lite, Junior Heavy and Junior Champ for Animals only and Junior Box Stock for Clones. All of these divisions are Maxxis-only.

Four Florida Champ Kart League (FCKL) classes will be on the Daytona slate for the second consecutive year. These classes are Sportsman Champ Green Clone, Sportsman Champ Blue Clone, Junior Champ Mix and Senior Champ Mix. FCKL classes will run VEGA-only tire rules.
The Unlimited All-Stars are back and will run during Saturday’s program. UAS will utilize its normal open-tire policy. UAS will perform their own pre-race safety and post-race tech.

A second 2-cycle class will run on the Daytona dirt Sunday. The class is Yamaha KT100 and it will mark the first time a Yamaha-only 2-cycle class has run the DIS Flat Track. The Yamaha class is open tire and is open for stock Yamaha at 360 pounds and Stock Appearing Yamaha at 390 pounds.

A document will be available on Monday that outlines all classes with weights, plates and tire rules.

Engine Rules
WKA engine rules will apply for Animal, Raptor (flathead) and Clone. WKA’s 2013 Box Stock rules will apply for all Clone classes. This means the Senior Clone competitors may run big pipe, any dry clutch and one of the following four mandatory flywheels – ARC, PVL and Racing flywheel with a 3 pound, 2 ounce minimum and the Speed Karts cast flywheel will also be legal at a 5 pound, 3 ounce minimum.

All Junior Box Stock classes will run the small pipe, any dry clutch and one of the previously listed four mandatory flywheels.

All tech procedures will come from the 2013 WKA Technical Manual. The new Tech Manual is currently at the printer and will be mailed to WKA members in the coming days. If you’re not a member, call WKA at 704-455-1606 to order a 2013 Tech Manual.

The Daytona Dirt pit area will open for parking on Thursday, December 27. Practice will run Friday and all classes will race on either Saturday or Sunday.

The Daytona Dirt World Championships entry form, which will denote the daily schedule, will be available soon.