12.06.2012 - Man Cup Komet Pro offering event purses, $2,000 and Komet engine kit to win points in 2013

chelootz 2012CONCORD, N.C. – A generous group of backers have joined forces to offer senior Komet Piston Valve (KPV) racers and teams a handsome event and year-end payout structure in the 2013 Mazda / Bridgestone Manufacturers Cup Series.

The KOMET PRO class will offer over $17,000 in cash and prizes throughout the Man Cup’s 2013 campaign, made possible by class sponsors HYTORC Futuristic Bolting, Grand Products, IAME Spa and Haddock, Ltd., Inc.

“WKA is committed to giving back to the racer and boosting our awards programs in the Manufacturers Cup and all our series,” WKA communications director Keith Shampine stated. “The purse for Komet Pro is a great example of this, and we hope to implement more programs like this in other Man Cup classes very soon. Of course, we couldn’t offer this without the support of some fine companies like HYTORC, Grand Products, IAME, Haddock, Ltd. and all of our series sponsors.”

Each of the six Man Cup rounds in 2013 will pay $300 to the best average finisher between Saturday and Sunday’s Komet Pro finals. $200 will go to second, $100 to third, two 7.10 Bridgestone rear tires to fourth and two 4.50 Bridgestone front tires to fifth.

The “zero plus” points system will be used to determine the weekend payout winners. First place earns 0 (zero) points; second place: 2 points; third place: 3; fourth place: 4; fifth place: 5; etc.

The driver with the lowest total points between the weekend’s two finals will win the top prize. The better finish in Sunday’s Komet Pro final will determine a tiebreaker.

Top-five finishers from each day’s Komet Pro final will still receive the usual trophy prize package that all other classes receive.

Senior Komet teams that follow the entire 2013 Man Cup season will be generously rewarded with Komet Pro’s sizable year-end point fund and merchandise awards package that will reward each of the top-10 points finishers cash and prizes.

The 2013 Komet Pro national champion will take home a cool $2,000 and a KPV engine kit, consisting of the engine with ignition, clutch, carb and exhaust system.

Second place will win $1500 and a KPV engine. Third place will score $1000 and a KPV conrod and piston kit; fourth place $700 and a KPV clutch assembly; fifth place $600 and a KPV exhaust system.

Drivers finishing outside the top 10 will still earn a valuable awards package. Sixth place gets $500 and a set of Bridgestone tires; seventh place $400 and a KPV pipe; eighth place $300 and KPV piston kit; ninth place $200 and set rear Bridgestone tires; 10th place $100 and set front Bridgestone tires.

The standard WKA national point system will be used for the season point championship.




Event Payout (Sat + Sun combined)

1st – $300

2nd -- $200

3rd -- $100

4th -- 2 Bridgestone 710 tires

5th -- 2 Bridgestone 450 tires

Year-end Payout

1st -- $2000.00   + KPV engine kit

2nd -- $1500   + KPV engine only

3rd -- $1000   + KPV conrod + piston kit

4th -- $700 + KPV clutch assy

5th -- $600   + KPV exhaust system

6th -- $500   + set Bridgestone tires

7th -- $400   + KPV pipe

8th -- $300   + KPV piston kit

9th -- $200   + set rear Bridgestone tires

10th -- $100   + set front Bridgestone tires


HYTORC is a Texas-based company established in 1968 specializing in hydraulic and pneumatic bolting and torque solutions for the oil drilling industry.

Grand Products is a Pennsylvania company that imports and distributes Top Kart and Bridgestone kart racing tires.

IAME, SPA is an Italian-based engine manufacture that produces Parilla, Komet and X30 kart racing engines.

Haddock, Ltd., Inc. is a Tennessee-based company that distributes Parilla and Komet kart racing engines and spare parts.