WKA Mazda / Bridgestone Manufacturers Cup Series
KartLift Nationals - Concept Haulers Motor Speedway
Norway, IL -- August 3-5, 2012

Komet Heavy
TS Racing.com
  1. Mason Chelootz
  2. Patrick Olsen
  3. Nicky Defronzo
  4. Nick Stagl
  5. James Brock
  6. Jarrett Duncovich
Yamaha Jr Lite
Woltjer Racing Engines
  1. Austin Osborne
  2. Grant Quinlan
  3. Mike McAndrews
  4. Brandon Jarsocrak
  5. Garrett Johnston
  6. Kyle Kalish
  7. Jake Craig
  8. Skylar Robinson
  9. Ryan Raffa
  10. Killian Keaveny


TaG Final 2
  1. Mason Chelootz
  2. Chris Wehrheim
  3. Tommy Anderson
  4. TJ Koyen
  5. Sam Beasley
  6. Jacob Knueven
  7. Robby Seward
  8. Logan Bearden
  9. Raquel Martinez
  10. Mark Boos 
Cadet Final 1
RLV Tuned Exhaust Products
  1. Braden Eves
  2. Brandon Lemke
  3. Neil Verhagen
  4. Anthony Gangi Jr
  5. Zach Holden
  6. John Paul Southern
  7. Nick Luedeke
  8. Theo Chick
  9. Michael D Orlando
Parilla Leopard
Grand Products / Top Kart
  1. Mason Chelootz
  2. Logan Beardon
  3. Robert Bujdoso
  4. TJ Koyen
  5. Calvin Stewart
  6. Jacob Knueven
  7. Mark Boos
  8. Robby Seward
  9. Will Owen
  10. Adam Crepin
 Komet Jr Lite
  1. Kyle Kirkwood
  2. Derek Dignan
  3. Ashley Rogero
  4. Matt Solarczyk
  5. Ryan Raffa
  6. Kyle Kalish
  7. Cole Peterson
  8. Mike McAndrews
  9. Grant Quinlan
  10. Garrett Johnston
Komet Jr Heavy
Orlando Kart Center
  1. Ashley Rogero
  2. Skylar Robinson
  3. Kyle Kalish
  4. Grant Quinlan
  5. Ryan Raffa
  6. Garrett Johnston
  7. Sarah Carmon
  8. Derek Dignan
  9. Kyle Kirkwood
  10. Cole Peterson
Yamaha Supercan Lite
  1. Jimmy Clark
  2. Patrick Olsen
  3. Collin Griffin
  4. James Brock
  5. Adam Crepin
  6. Andrew Weiner
  7. Dakota Pesek
  8. Blake Deister
  9. John McCusker
  10. Jackson Mears
 Yamaha Rookie Sportsman Final 2
Mike Doty Racing
  1. Alex Verhagen
  2. Sam Mayer
  3. Max Kaeser
  4. Samel Paley
  5. Maks Kowalski
  6. Nic Sheppard
  7. James Lynch
  8. Madison Campeau
  9. Connor Ferris
  10. Kaylen Frederick
TaG Final 1
  1. Tommy Anderson
  2. Chris Wehrheim
  3. Jacob Knueven
  4. TJ Koyen
  5. Robby Seward
  6. Mason Chelootz
  7. Robert Bujdoso
  8. Colton Ramsey
  9. Scott Kopp
  10. Will Owen 
Komet Sportsman
Adkins Speed Center
  1. Zach Holden
  2. Leonardo Stoia
  3. Brandon Lemke
  4. David Malukas
  5. Braden Eves
  6. Dillion Schwambeck
  7. Austin Schaff
  8. Alex Bertagnoli
  9. Michael Cruz
  10. Jared Cordova
 Yamaha Supercan Heavy
APPCO Racing
  1. Dakota Pesek
  2. Tony Jump
  3. Cody Robinson
  4. Andrew Weiner
  5. Jimmy Clark
  6. John McCusker
  7. Michael Prokup Jr
  8. Collin Griffin
  9. Patrick Olsen
  10. James Brock
Yamaha Sportsman 1
Comet Kart Sales
  1. Neil Verhagen
  2. Brandon Lemke
  3. Michael D Orlando
  4. Jared Cordova
  5. Leonardo Stoia
  6. Kaden Harter
  7. Grant Carter
  8. Braden Eves
  9. Zach Holden
  10. Dillion Schwambeck
TaG Masters Final 1
DRT Racing
  1. Scott Ferris
  2. Jeff Jewell
  3. John Ferris III
  4. Chuck Tate
  5. Kim Carapellatti
  6. Brian McEvoy
  7. Scot Carapellatti
  8. Francois Brun-Wilbaux
  9. Dean Leifheit
  10. Bobby Cummings
 Yamaha Sportsman 2
MRP / Birel
  1. Brandon Lemke
  2. Michael D Orlando
  3. Neil Verhagen
  4. David Malukas
  5. Zach Holden
  6. Leonardo Stoia
  7. Theo Chick
  8. Justin Gordon
  9. Dillion Schwambeck
  10. Simon Sikes
Yamaha Rookie Final 1
N.J. Sprint Series
  1. Alex Verhagen
  2. Sam Mayer
  3. Max Kaeser
  4. Mark J Fineis
  5. Kaylen Frederick
  6. Kyle West
  7. Lanch Carboy
  8. Connor Ferris
  9. Carter Cass
  10. Parker Abed

Komet Lite

J3 Competition

  1. Mason Chelootz
  2. Patrick Olsen
  3. James Brock
  4. Nick Stagl
  5. Jarrett Duncovich
 TaG Masters Final 2
Margay Racing Products
  1. Scott Ferris
  2. John Ferris III
  3. Jeff Jewel
  4. Scot Carapellatti
  5. Chuck Tate
  6. Kim Carapellatti
  7. Bobby Cummings
  8. Brian McEvoy
  9. Peter Cook
  10. Jim Reidy
Cadet Final 2
Grand Products
  1. David Malukas
  2. Brandon Lemke
  3. Jared Cordova
  4. Neil Verhagen
  5. Anthony Gangi Jr
  6. Braden Eves
  7. Kaden Harter
  8. Luke Fineis
  9. Justin Gordon
  10. Michael D Orlando
 Yamaha Jr Heavy
Verde Speed Resources
  1. Kyle Kirkwood
  2. Kyle Kalish
  3. Mike McAndrews
  4. Gresham Wagner
  5. Derek Dignan
  6. Jeremy Klein
  7. Jake Johnston
  8. Garrett Johnston
  9. Emerson Reed
  10. Jake Craig



















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WKA RLV Tuned Exhaust Products Gold Cup - A historic American sprint karting series

gold-cup-photoThe WKA RLV Tuned Exhaust Products Gold Cup Series is a 4-cycle and 2-cycle national sprint series with five races on the schedule in 2012. It is one of the most historic, longest running sprint series in the country and features events in Jacksonville, Fla.; Barnesville, Ga.; South Bend, Ind.; Wampum, Pa.; and Millville, N.J.

Class structure
The Gold Cup was a 4-cycle-only series for the better part of the 15 years. Three 2-cycle divisions – Komet Sportsman (age 7 to 12) and the TaG-powered X-30 Junior (age 12 to 15) and X-30 Senior (15 and up) – were added to the slate in 2012 with hopes of boosting entry counts and diversity in the series.

4-cycle racing is the heart of the Gold Cup. A full slate of Briggs & Stratton Animal and Clone Box Stock-powered divisions is offered for racers age 7 and up. A new division in 2012 is the Briggs LO206 Kid Kart, which runs as a national points class for youngsters age 5 to 7.

Click here to learn more about the Gold Cup class structure.

Weekend schedule
A Gold Cup weekend consists of four days. Thursday is parking and registration; Friday is practice; and Saturday and Sunday are devoted to one round of morning practice, qualifying, heats and features for each class.

The past several seasons have seen Gold Cup entry counts around 250 per event. WKA has worked to increase that number with the addition of the Box Stock Clone divisions as national classes in 2011 and, most recently, the insertion of the aforementioned 2-cycle and LO206 Kid Kart national classes.

Popular team locales
Gold Cup teams are located throughout the eastern half of the country. Hot spots for team bases include Maryland, western New York, Georgia and Jacksonville, Fla., mainly on account of series-following kart shops, chassis builders and popular sprint tracks located in these areas. Teams also are located throughout the Midwest and numerous different areas up and down the East Coast.

IMG 0061Full bodywork
The most noticeable difference between 4-cycle Gold Cup karts and typical 2-cycle sprint mounts, besides the engine, is the bodywork.

The Gold Cup Series has long allowed full plastic bodywork packages, including a taller nosecone and full sidepanels, whereas karts in WKA’s Manufacturers Cup Series and other 2-cycle sprint series are required to run the smaller, CIK-style plastic bodywork. The Gold Cup-style bodywork, as it’s commonly referred, make the karts appear similar to an oval-track or sprint-road-race chassis.

Another noticeable difference between Gold Cup and Manufacturers Cup is that Gold Cup rules permit the kart's seat to be mounted in a lower position, allowing the driver to lean back in the go-kart with lower center of gravity. Manufacturers Cup and most all 2-cycle sprint series follow strict seat mounting rules that mandate the driver sits at an upright position.

Past Gold Cuppers
A host of ultra-successful racecar drivers spent time competing and winning championships in the Gold Cup, including NASCAR stars Danica Patrick and Regan Smith, Indianapolis 500 champion Sam Hornish Jr., IndyCar racer Ryan Hunter-Reay and the 2011 NASCAR Whelen Modified champion Ronnie Silk.

For more information...
To speak with kart shops, engine builders and/or team members directly involved in WKA Gold Cup Series, start with the following companies - Coyote Motorsports (Rochester, N.Y.); Baker Racing Engines (Bellevue, Ohio); Roberts Kart Shop (Atlanta, Ga.); GT Machine (Longs, S.C.); Mind Game Motorsports (Concord, N.C.); Michigan Kart Supply (Eaton Rapids, Mich.); or Margay Racing Products (St. Louis, Mo.).