CONCORD, NC - Following a nasty last lap crash in turn 3 of the Dunlop/Xeramic National Road Race Series national event, presented by Russell Karting at Daytona International Speedway, competitor Matt Michel is well on his way to a full recovery. After suffering 6 broken ribs and swelling in his left lung, the Perry, Georgia driver is on the mend, eagerly awaiting the next opportunity to get back behind the wheel. Michel was racing in the Yamaha Sportsman Heavy final on Day 2 of the Daytona Road Race Championships when contact with another kart sent Michel up the banking, and in the wall. The impact was so significant, that people viewing the action on the turn 3 and 4 infield Road Course for the Bridgestone Manufacturers Cup Series heard the contact.

The end result of the crash was also of major concern to many competitors, the most notable being that of race leader Tim Linthicum, who literally stopped on the track, making sure Michel was okay. Since the race was red flagged at that point, and the rules revert back to the last fully completed lap, Linthicum was still awarded the victory, feeling more motivated about his desire to stop and check on a fellow competitor than worry about a victory at the World Center of Racing, a genuine sportsmanship move.

While Michel has some recovering to do, words of encouragement will certainly go a long way in getting the Georgia driver back on track. Well wishers can either reach out to Matt via Facebook under the name Matt Michel, or email him at pmkartracer21@aol.com.

The entire staff of WKA, as well as the racing community, wish Matt Michel a very speedway recovery.