CONCORD, NC - As both the Bridgestone Manufacturers Cup and RLV Tuned Exhaust Products Gold Cup Series venture into the month April with their respective national events, WKA would like to remind our loyal customers of some very important rules pertaining to the events, prior to, and during the functions. WKA goes to a considerable amount of effort through their Board of Trustees, Competition Committees, and Office Staff to create rules that will provide a safe, fair, and enjoyable atmosphere on and off the track.

For starters, the purpose of the respective national entry blanks for each event is to not just enter for the event. The entry blank also provides key information pertaining to the event, including one very key element. See below.

Notice to all Competitors:

While the entire portion of what is written in this area is critical, the part that requires attention is the usage of Bikes, Skateboards, Hover Boards, Scooters, etc in the pit and paddock area. From the time WKA enters the track property on Thursday until the time the last checkered flag falls, usage of these items is forbidden. The only items that should be rolling in the pits are karts, kart stands, anyone who requires a wheelchair as their means to get to and from the pit area, and officials who are using golf karts to either use as part of parking, occasional garbage pickup, and helping to keep the facility clean. Nothing else is allowed. Anyone is caught violating this policy will be stripped of their mode of transportation for the weekend, and could be subject to further penalties.

Dogs must be kept on leashes, and are not allowed to run freely through any pit area. As many have witnessed at Daytona, animals in the past were not even allowed in the pit area. So please do not abuse this privilege. Maintain your animal on a leash.

Rule 13 on the Driver Info Sheet: ALL engines may ONLY be run in 2 locations. 1) In the competitors designated pit area, or 2) On the starting grid, 2 minutes before the karts are released to go out onto the track. Running engines is prohibited at any other location in the racing facility.

As a competitor arrives at registration to take care of their respective entries for the weekend’s events, there is a complete breakdown of the weekend schedule, including a timeline, as well as general rules for drivers with regards to qualifying and race procedures, including tire rules for the respective classes. Many long hours of thought and hard work go into what is typed on those sheets, and professed at the Drivers Meeting. And it asked by the organization that you take a few moments out of your day to familiarize yourself with all of that information.

The WKA National events are some of the most prestigious in the country, historically. There is a great deal of pride in putting on the events for the staff of the organization, as there is for you, the competitor, to stand proudly on the podium, earning a hard earned victory or top 3 effort. We genuinely respect and care very much for our customers. WKA only asks for the same in return. Please respect and obey the rules of the organization and the facility. And we will all have a wonderful weekend.



The Staff of the World Karting Association