CONCORD, NC - During its recent meeting in March, the World Karting Association Board of Trustees voted to approve a new Super Divisional Program for 2015.

CONCORD, NC - During its recent meeting in March, the World Karting Association Board of Trustees voted to approve a new Super Divisional Program for 2015.

The new program, which applies solely to the Manufacturers Cup Series, encompasses divisional programs in the east, southeast, and midwest. The East Super Divisional will include the Great Lakes and New Jersey Sprint Series, hosting an event at Pittsburgh International Race Complex in Wampum, Pennsylvania, while the Midwest Super Divisional will be held at Concept Haulers Motor Speedway in Sheridan, Illinois. The Southeast Divisional will feature the Florida Karting Championship Series with 4 events at 3 venues, those being Ocala Gran Prix, Monticello Karting, and Orlando Kart Center.

The Super Divisional program is outlined below:

A Super Divisional must offer a minimum of 2 finals, Final 1 and Final 2.

A competitor must register and pay for entry into Final 1 and Final 2, take a competition green, and pass tech to receive 100 bonus points.

For every class you want transfer points, you must enter and pay for that same number.

Each Super Divisional can decide on 1 of 2 formats:

1 event weekend with Final 1 and Final 2, (Total of 2 Finals)


2 event weekends with 1 Final each weekend, (Total of 2 Finals)

It was the recommendation of the Divisional Series Committee, and passed by the Trustees, to increase the Divisional Transfer Points in a 4 race series to 100 points for Mfg Cup. Drivers earn 50 bonus points for competing in their first 2 events, and 25 additional bonus points for their third and fourth event for a total of 100 bonus points within a specific series.

Drivers can earn an additional 25 points if they compete in all of the events offered in their Divisional Series for a total of 125 bonus points.

Gold Cup Divisional points remain unchanged.

The Southeast Divisional, the Florida Karting Championship Series, with 4 events at 3 venues, will offer their racers the ability to receive up to 125 bonus points under the new guidelines.

“ We want to make sure the karter gets value and great awards for attending the inaugural East Super Divisional”, stated New Jersey Sprint Series Director John Ferris Jr. “ We will be lining up great sponsors and awards for this event. Our class structure will align with the Manufacturers Cup Series class structure. We will also have certified WKA Tech and Race Directors on hand to support the event”.

Great Lakes Sprint Series Director Mike Tetreault feels working with the New Jersey Sprint Series is a No Brainer. “ There is so much racing going on, and not enough time to hold a 4 race series”, stated Tetreault. “Many of our loyal supporters have conveyed this to me throughout the season. And I am holding them to our promise of always listening to our racers”.

With the huge void in the upper midwest the last few years, WKA will be heading back to Briggs and Stratton Raceway Park in Dousman, Wisconsin for a Manufacturers Cup national in May, thanks to the continued team effort of midwest trustees George Sieracki and Steve Jacobson, as well as the entire Board of Trustees.

“ The Board felt the best thing to do was limit the amount of races in an effort to achieve the maximum amount of bonus points”, stated WKA President John Ferris. “ This is what our competitors have wanted. And in my continued efforts to back up my statement of listening to our membership, this is the end result of what should be a great program”.

Here is a look at the 2015 Super Divisional Schedule.

Eastern Super Divisional: Great Lakes and New Jersey Sprint Series”

June 26-28: Pittsburgh International Race Complex, Wampum, Pennsylvania

Midwest Super Divisional:

September 26: Concept Haulers Motor Speedway, Sheridan, Illinois

Southeast Divisional: Florida Karting Championship Series:

April 24-26: Ocala Gran Prix

May 22-24: Monticello Karting

June 19-21: Orlando Kart Center

Oct 16-18: Ocala Gran Prix