CONCORD, NC - For many, this weekend is circled on the calendar every year as the greatest weekend in motorsports, a long 3-day weekend, a weekend of picnics, parties, concerts, and celebrations. As we celebrate some, or all of those events, while you’re sitting at the race track, or at the picnic table, take a moment to reflect on the many people who fought, bled, perished, and are still fighting for the freedom you have to enjoy your family and friends, the events you have the great luxury to attend, the freedom to get in your car and go where you want, do what you want, and hang out with who you want.

We have true heroes in our military who are fighting to make sure you have that luxury, one that all too often is taken for granted, not purposely. But because we are so caught up in our own lives that truly pale in comparison to what our brothers and sisters in the military are going through each day.

When you sit at the track, consider the seat you are in. Your military isn’t fighting to join you in the seat next to you. They are fighting first and foremost to make sure you will always have the freedom to have the seat you are in, to continue to enjoy what you love the most in life, while hoping one day, they may have the same luxury, but only after they are comfortable in the fact that you are well protected.

And when the weekend concludes, and you head to your next weekend, albeit not as special as this past weekend, remember your service men and women, who are fighting to continue to provide you that same freedom, no matter how special or dull your weekends are. For them, there IS no dull weekend.

Forget the animosity, the complaining of long lines in airports and on the road, or at the grocery store, and remember the people who fight for you to have the freedoms we take for granted each day.

On this weekend, and each day, WE REMEMBER OUR MILITARY. God Bless you all, and God Bless America!!!!!