CONCORD, NC - On the heels of the 2016 Class Structure being revealed last week comes the newest information for the new year for the WKA National Road Race Series. As part of the Trifecta of events that run in December at the World Center of Racing, the Road Race Series Official Entry Blank for the Daytona Road Race Championships is also now online.

Additionally, a new item has been added to the Road Race Series in the new year, thus allowing national competitors the opportunity to reserve their number for the entire 2016 national racing season. The new Reserve Number Form is also online under the Road Race Series info. Be sure and click on the respective Entry Blank and Reserve Number links to get yourself started on the newest season of racing, not only on the high banks of Daytona, but the entire 2016 season.

Stop #2 for the series in 2016 will be a return to Roebling Road Raceway in Savannah, Georgia March 11-13, with the balance of the 2016 national schedule to be revealed in the coming weeks.

For those who missed the Class Structure being released last week, there is a link under the Road Race Series to view the new and returning classes in the 2016 season.

As for additions, WKA has added a Pro Gas Laydown Class in 2016. Set up for drivers 15 and up, the class will utilize a Briggs and Stratton Pro Gas Motor, run spec gas with a minimum weight of 380 lbs. 10.15.2015 - Day

Local Option classes for 2016 at Daytona include Animal Limited Modified, Open Sprint, Vintage, Vintage Classic, and DD2, as well as an all new TaG Junior class, all which will run both days at Daytona.

While participants from the 2014 season had their year-end awards presentation in Daytona last year, the 2015 awards presentation will be held elsewhere at another time and date to be announced soon. However, participants who enjoyed staying at the beach for Kartweek in 2014 can still take advantage of a view on the Atlantic, as the Daytona Beach Resort is offering discounts to competitors who are part of the KartWeek festivities. Be sure and click on the link to the hotel for further information.

While KartWeek is coming fast, don’t forget to make your plans for the Fall Brawl at NCM Motorsports Park October 23-25 in Bowling Green, Kentucky, pitting 87 classes of national and local option competition together as KART and WKA wrap up their respective 2015 seasons.