As Daytona KartWeek, as well the 2016 season approaches, sponsors are lining up for the New Year. Returning for yet another year are KALL Racing, sponsor of the Formula 100 class on Day 1, while Millers Dyno Time Racing will return for the Day 2 Formula 100 class sponsorship. Matthai Material Handling returns for 2016, sponsoring the 100cc Piston Port Final 1 and 2 this year, with CKI returning for yet another season as sponsor of the Yamaha Sportsman Medium classes on both race days. Also returning this year is The Agile Group, sponsor of the Unlimited class, Final 1 and 2, as well as Hoosier Racing with the Animal Lite classes both days.

Also on board this year, WKA welcomes Foster 4J Ranch, sponsor of the Yamaha Medium class this season. Also joining for 2016 are Kion/Linde Forklifts, sponsoring the Yamaha Heavy class. West Texas Outlaws is also on board for a full season, sponsoring the TaG Heavy Final 1 and 2 races this season, while WT Racing will be in charge of the Leopard Sprint Final 1 and 2 for the 2016 season.

Joining as Daytona specific sponsors are Tru Stripe, sponsoring the B Stock class, Rev Clean, sponsor of the Formula 125 class, and Bruce Peck, sponsoring the Animal Heavy Final 1 class at the World Center of Racing.

World Karting is very proud to have these sponsors on board, and would like to thank everyone for their support for the 2016 national racing season.