Reminder to Mfg Cup Competitors on Self Teching Sheet

CONCORD, NC - At the beginning the 2016 season for the Bridgestone Manufacturers Cup season, competitors were introduced to a Self Teching Sheet, thus making things more convenient for the competitor, preventing the long lines at tech on a Thursday afternoon, and placing the responsibility of going through the checklist in the hands of the competitor and crew.

It is critical that this checklist is exhausted thoroughly before signing off, making 100% sure that your equipment is compliant with the rules set forth by the World Karting Association and the Manufacturers Cup Series. Additionally, please take a moment to help any new customers that may be parked near you, or help any other customers, making sure they have gone through the necessary checklist items, providing a safe atmosphere for your driver and others once they hit the track.

In an effort to ensure the procedures are being followed to the letter, WKA Tech Officials will be on the grid this weekend at Pittsburgh, spot checking karts, and available to answer any questions customers may have. Any karts that are not compliant with the checklist will not be allowed to practice until the necessary steps have been exhausted to ensure complete safety.

The Tech Sheet has been applauded by the vast percentage of customers in attendance, and will only continue if competitors and crew are 100% compliant with the rules set forth by WKA.

The World Karting Association greatly appreciates your attention to this matter, and wishes all of our customers a SAFE and fun weekend of racing this weekend at Pittsburgh International Race Complex in the Grand Products Nationals.