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Meeting Minutes of the Trustees' Annual Rules Meeting


CONCORD, NC - Although still reviewing a few rules, the Trustees held their annual face-to-face meeting to review the regulations in the WKA Tech Manual for 2019.  The intention is to get the book out earlier than in past years, as a benefit to the members.

Here  are some of the highlights that will take affect in 2019:

 - 2019 Manufacturers Cup Dates, Venues, and Classes

 - Kid Karts have been added to Daytona 

 - More flexible event requirements and points structure for Manufacturers Cup

 - Revise Camera Mounting Regulations on Karts to help racers

 - Addition of the Push-Back Bumpers in Manufacturers Cup

 - Clearer definition of Competition Age

 - Clearer definition of some Road Race Classes

 - Much more...

These regulation changes were reviewed and updated solely to benefit the racers, and make the Tech Manual more understandable and easier to follow.  Check back over the next couple of weeks for final 2019 Tech Manual updates as the Committees and Trustees continue to make WKA better for its members.

The meeting minutes have been posted to the documents page on the WKA website.  To access and read them now, click the button below:

2017 Gold Cup Season Coming Together

CONCORD, NC - The planning for the 2017 season for the RLV Tuned Exhaust Products Gold Cup Series is nearing completion. Recognizing some of the modifications made in 2016 may not have been the best fit for the program, WKA Officials, beginning with the August New Castle event this past season, and heading into next season, are moving back in the direction that the majority of Gold Cup competitors have been familiar and comfortable with.

Once again, the series will boast a 4-race program in 2017, beginning with the opening event at 103rd Street Sports Complex in Jacksonville, Florida March 24-26, and ending with the season finale at Carolina Motorsports Park in Kershaw, South Carolina October 6-8, again running the track backwards, similar to the recent October Grand National. With 2 well respected and renowned facilities serving as the bookend events for the series, WKA is proud to add 2 new venues to the middle portion of the program for 2017 with Thompson Kart Raceway in Thompson, Ohio serving as stop #2 for the series. The date of the debut of a WKA Gold Cup National to Thompson Speedway will be July 7-9. The third stop is yet to be announced.

The format for this seasons events will be very similar to that of this past season, with classes running qualifying, a heat race, and a main each day. However, in 2017, awards and merchandise will be issued on Day 2ONLY, to the highest overall finisher of the classes they participate in, with the top 3 receiving awards. Kid Kart participants in both the LO206 KID Kart and 2 Cycle Kid Kart classes will receive awards that will go to the winner, with participation medals going to the balance of the drivers in each class. While the 2 engine packages will run together, they will be scored separately, with a winner determined in both categories. The Kid Kart classes will not be national points classes in 2017.

While the 2017 WKA Technical Manual is out, and in the hands of the competitors, it is very important to note that the Board of Trustees have elected to allow both the traditional Gold Cup Bodyworks, as well as the CIK Bodyworks in all classes for 2017, thus giving competitors 1 more season of having the option of which bodyworks to run. However, a CIK LO206 Class has been added in the Senior ranks, for those wishing to run CIK Bodyworks solely.

Entry Fees for this season will be set at $85 for Pre Entry, and $100 at the track for all national classes, with a 1 time practice fee of $60 with your pre entry, and $75 at the track for the weekend. Kid Kart Competitors will pay $50 for their pre entry fee, and $65 at the track, with Practice fees set at the same price as well.

WKA has also incorporated a new Rookie 206 Class for 2017, with the age group set at 6-9 years old. This being a national class, affords parents of 6-9 year old competitors a smooth transition from the Kid Kart Class.

Competitors can count their best 6 of 8 races for the season.      

More information will be coming soon. WKA is looking forward to another wonderful season with the top 4 Cycle racers in the country.

Here is a look at the 2017 schedule:

March 24-26: 103rd Street Sports Complex, Jacksonville, Florida

July 7-9: Thompson Kart Raceway, Thompson, Ohio


Oct 6-8: Carolina Motorsports Park, Kershaw, South Carolina


Here is a look at the 2017 Class Structure:

Rookie: Final 1/Final 2

Sportsman LO206: Final 1/Final 2

Sportsman Pro Gas: Final 1/Final 2

LO206 Junior: Final 1/ Final 2

Junior Pro Gas: Final 1/Final 2

LO206 Senior: Final 1/Final 2

Senior Pro Gas: Final 1/Final 2

Masters Senior LO206: Final 1/Final 2

CIK Body LO206 Senior

Non National Points Classes:

LO206 Kid Karts: FINAL 1/ Final 2

Kid Kart/ 2 Cycle: Final 1/ Final