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 Increasing Entries, Multiple Winners Highlight Successful Roebling Weekend & Latest Meeting Minutes

CONCORD, NC - One of the many great gauges of a season from year to year is the entry count. And for the second consecutive season, the entry numbers for the Roebling Road Nationals, stop #2 for the Dunlop/ Xeramic National Road Race Series presented by Russell Karting are heading in a northerly direction.

On the heels of a great turnout from Daytona Kart Week, the Roebling Road Nationals, run by the fine folks of the Southern Kart Club, continued the momentum of a solid 2017 season for Sprint and Laydown competitors.

Headlining the win category was Jordan Johnson, taking down 4 wins over the weekend, including a sweep of the Junior Enduro and Junior Animal classes.

The next closest in line to Johnsons feat were Rob Hindery, Ben Thomason, and Tony Wimmer, all 3 time winners from the weekend. 2 time victors were Louie Magiera, Jason Lorang, Dan Febbroriello, Joe Cuslidge, Dingus Griffin, George Sunderland, Sean O'Shea, Randy Fulks, Charles Wilbur, and Mark Justice.

For Hindery, his success began on Saturday with a win in the all new CIK LO206 Senior Local Option class. Hindery topped past Gold Cup standout Eric Fagan, while Ross Ricart, Paul Green, and Quincy Smith rounded out the top 5. Hindery also found success Sunday in the Clone LO206 Lite class, besting Peter Mazzarella and Jody Powell, while polishing off his 3-win weekend by sweeping the CIK LO206 Senior class over Paul Greene.

Ben Thomason also found success in the 4 cycle ranks, taking the Animal Heavy main on Saturday over Robert Garland, Rob Garland, James Cartledge, and Tony Wimmer. Thomason also claimed the Hoosier Racing Tire Animal Lite victory on Saturday as well. Thomason returned on Sunday to sweep the Animal Lite class.

Not to be left out of the Animal equation, Tony Wimmer checked in for the first of this 3 wins on Saturday, taking the Animal Medium top honors over Quentin Hill. Wimmer upped his game Sunday, repeating his Animal Medium performance, as well as snaring the TaG Heavy final, topping Brad Adams, Jason Lorang, Gary Sircy, and Ashley Michel, making her return to racing after being off the circuit for a few years.

In addition to high numbers and multiple winners, the series continues to develop a good young drop of Cadet LO206 drivers. 8 competitors showed up Saturday with Jett Miller outdueling sibling Bree Miller for the top spot. Austin Harper came home 3rd, with Carter Hadden, Katie Greco, Desi Greco, Josiah Figueroa, and Amber Thomason completing the field.   

Hadden improved from a 4th place finish Saturday to lay claim to the Sunday win, topping Figueroa, Katie Greco, Desi Greco, with Jett and Bree Miller rounding out the order.

Veteran Louie Magiera continued his winning ways on the series, sweeping WKA Sprint action both days. On day 1, Magiera topped Gerard Apuzzi, Eric Stockford, George Lincoln, and Jay Ellis, while Stockford, Apuzzi, Ellis, and Lincoln made up the top 5 on Sunday.

Jason Lorang enjoyed a solid weekend of racing, taking down two wins, the first in TaG Heavy over Brad Adams, Gary Sircy, Ashley Michel, and Emmitt Rodriguez. Lorang also notched the KALL Racing/Miller Dynotime Racing Formula 100 main on Sunday, turning back Michael Tracy.

Dan Febbroriello swept action in the Yamaha Sportsman Sprint category both days, topping Levi Newman on each occasion, while Joe Cuslidge took down the 2 event wins in the Clone LO206 Heavy class, besting Robert Garland, Darren Greene, James Cartledge, and Rob Garland on Day 1. Sundays action found Cartledge improving to second, with Robert Garland, Rob Garland, and Steve Johnson rounding out the top 5.

Another sweep occurred in the 125 Sprint Shifter class, where Dingus Griffin took down the field both days, besting Thomas Dupont, Ross Ricart, Donald Santini, and Steven Rougeou on Day 1, while Tracy Phillips rebounded from a 6th place finish Saturday to take second, followed by Santini, Rougeou, and Denver Liabenow.

George Sunderland doubled up on The Agile Group Unlimited class, topping Larry Stewart for the honors, while Sean O'Shea swept the 100cc Controlled class, besting Lance Yunck both days, with Adam Myers and Michael Tracy finishing in the exact same order both days as well.

Randy Fulks made the long tow from the Midwest to lay claim to a pair of weekend wins, taking the Yamaha Sportsman Heavy and CKI Yamaha Sportsman Medium mains, both on Saturday. In the Heavy action, Fulks bested Matt Michel, Brandon Schenkel, Lamar Hilliard, and Michael Marr, while Michel and Schenkel chased Fulks in the Medium main. Amanda Holewski rolled home 4th with Lyle Trudell rounding out the top 5.

Here's a look at the rest of the weekend winners:

Vintage Final 1: Robby Harper

Clone LO206 Lite Final 1: Jody Powell

Junior Sprint Final 1: Emma Bruinsma

Vintage Final 2: Bill Anderson

Animal Limited Modified Final 1: Charles Wilbur

X30 Laydown Final 1: Gary Schenkel

Yamaha Senior Final 1: Don Johnson

Formula 125: Kyle Stevens

Fisher Racing Engines Stock Honda Final 1: Steven Rougeou

IAME Sprint Final 1: Eric Fagan

Yamaha Sprint Final 1: Mark Justice

Formula 100 Final 1: Lance Yunck

100cc Piston Port Final 1: George Lincoln

Fisher Racing Engines Stock Honda Final 2: Michael Hines

IAME Sprint Final 2: Gary Sircy

Animal Limited Modified Final 2: Charles Wilbur

Yamaha Sprint Final 2: Mark Justice

Yamaha Sportsman Medium Final 2: Amanda Holewski

Yamaha Senior Final 2: Lamar Hilliard

Yamaha Sportsman Heavy Final 2: Brandon Schenkel

100cc Piston Port Final 2: George Lincoln

X30 Laydown Final 2: JC Sanders

Animal Heavy Final 2: Wesley Thomason

Vintage Final 2: Tony Ellison

WKA would like to extend a very special thanks to the staff of the Southern Kart Club, Jackie and Ryan Bottorff, Dave Williams, Steve Jeffers, Dominic Greco, along with the many other staff and family members who helped make the weekend a true success.

The next event for the series will be the annual Summit Point Nationals June 3 and 4 at Summit Point Motorsports Park in West Virginia, run by the fine staff of the Woodbridge Kart Club. 

Entry info will be available shortly.

Latest Meeting Minutes Posted from March 7, 2017 Conference Call

To view the latest minutes, please CLICK HERE.

WKA Salutes 2016 Bridgestone Mfg Cup Champions

CONCORD, NC-  The 5 race national program that began on the beaches of Daytona in December, and ended at the tail end of summer in Indiana in September has come to a conclusion for 2016, as the WKA Bridgestone Manufacturers Cup Series enjoyed a major resurgence of national entries, not to mention stellar competition all season long. In the end, 8 national classes are going to be recognized December 27 at the Daytona Beach Resort on the shores of where it all started for 2016.

A memorable season, highlighted by one of the few female karting champions WKA has seen in its history, as well as a 2 class champion from Ohio who scorched the field on occasion, not to mention the fierce competition.

While there are many wonderful stories within the confines of the 2016 season, one of the best came from Pennsylvania driver Madison Campeau. The Championship winning effort was but one part of the story, as Campeau also found second place on occasion by mere inches at the stripe, yet not deterring the young driver from forging ahead, eventually getting to the front side of that battle of mere inches, thus taking the title in the Allison Racing Engines Yamaha Sportsman Class. Following an 11thplace finish on Day 1 at Daytona, Campeau rebounded big time for a 3rd place finish. GoPro Motorplex in Mooresville, North Carolina would be the beginning of the battle of inches, as Campeau was edged out by Robert Noaker III in a photo finish, followed by a 4th place finish on Day 2. The battle of inches followed Campeau to the July event at New Castle Motorsports Park, where this time Garrett Adams would be the victor, while again a second had to be settled for. A 5th place effort ensued on the second day. The turning point came on Campeau’s hometown turf in August at Pittsburgh International Race Complex, where the keystone state driver notched a win and runner-up finish, thus taking the battle for the title with Indiana’s Kaden Wharff back to New Castle in September. Campeau backed up her winning Pittsburgh performance, taking the win on Day #1, with a 5th place finish, thus securing her class title, becoming one of the few females in World Karting history to claim a national championship. Wharff wound up second in the overall standings, followed by Garrett Adams, Logan Adams, and Caleb Bacon. The remainder of the top 10 included Thomas Schrage, Robert Noaker III, Lucas Smalec, Nick Snell, and Nic Sheppard.

The series also found a 2-time champion this season in the form of Ohio’s Braden Eves, taking titles in the KartSport North America Pro IAME Senior and Fullerton Karts USA Yamaha Senior classes. Starting the season off, racing the likes of NASCAR Sprint Cup star AJ Allmendinger at Daytona, Eves mounted a 3rd and 9th place finish in the Pro IAME Senior ranks, while notching a 3rd and 4th in the Yamaha Senior class. Eves garnered a 3rd and 7th at GoPro in the IAME class, while also taking a 3rd and 10th in the Senior ranks. The wick was turned up big time at New Castle in July, as Eves cashed in with a sweep of wins for both classes on both days, as well as the overall weekend title, thus placing some distance between himself and his closest rivals, Brandon Lemke in Pro IAME Senior, and former champion Dakota Pesek in the Yamaha Senior ranks.   Eves headed to Pittsburgh for a 2nd and 4th in the IAME class, while taking another win and 2nd in the Yamaha Senior ranks. Eves returned to the scene of the New Castle July massacre, again scoring a win, and taking 3rd in the Pro IAME Senior class, while a 2nd and 6th was good enough for the Yamaha Senior title as well. In the end, Eves bested Lemke, Brandon Jarsocrak, Alexander Kardashian, and Jacob Donald for the top 5, with Jonathan Kotyk, Abbey McLaughlin, Nick Landi, Mick Gabriel, and Elliott Finlayson wrapped up the top 10 in Pro IAME Senior. The balance of the top 5 in Yamaha Senior were Pesek, Lemke, Landi, and Kardashian, with Derek Hughes, Jake Venberg, Brad Brittan, Killian Keaveny, and Patrick Healey rounding out the top 10.

Unlike the champions already mentioned, Jeremy Fletcher came right out of the gate smoking hot, with a sweep of the Daytona action in the Mini Swift class. Fletcher was also the weekends overall champion. After skipping the GoPro event, Fletcher returned to New Castle with a vengeance, taking a win and 2nd , again taking the weekends overall top honors. Pittsburgh provided more of the same, with Fletcher sweeping the weekends action, as well as his third overall weekend champion honors, then wrapped up the season at New Castle with a 2nd on the first race, thus ending an amazingly consistent and dominant season with the title in hand. Eli Trull came home second in the final standings, with Caleb Gafrarar, Danny Dyszelski, and Benjamin Maier making up the top 5. The balance of the top 10 were Sofia D’Arrigo, Sebastian NG, Thomas Annunziato, Elliot Cox, and Hoyt Mohr.

It’s hard to not win a title when your first name is Indy. And that’s exactly what Indy Ragan did, taking the Water for a Cause Kid Kart title this season. And if Daytona was any indication, Moms and Dads were in for a competitive treat, as Ragan and Ava Dutton took the wins, while Austin Olds 2nd and 3rd place runs nailed down the weekends overall title, providing a possible preview to one great season in the Kid Kart ranks. And that was indeed the case at GoPro with Tristan Young taking Day 1 activities, while Ragan took second on Day 2, and Ayrton Grim claimed the weekends overall top honors. Stop #3 at New Castle would see Ragan take a pair of runner-up finishes to Dusty Larson and Preveil Perkins, with Perkins the overall weekend champ. Ragan would rebound for a win and 2nd at Pittsburgh with Tristan Young checking in for win #2 on the season, while Ragan took the weekend overall title. The finale at New Castle found the swap between Ragan and Austin Olds, with both drivers sharing wins and respective runner-up finishes, with Olds taking his second overall weekend title for the year. The class saw a slight defection up to the Mini Swift class, due to birthdays for both Ava Dutton and Ayrton Grim, yet never lost sight of the competitive nature all season long, as Olds finished 2nd to Ragan in the points, with Karsyn Walters, Tristan Young, and Christopher Bowman completing the top 5. Top ten were made up of Aubrey Adams, Dusty Larson, Preveil Perkins, Ayrton Grim, and Ava Dutton.

The IAME USA East Pro Swift Sportsman Class again was one of the most exciting classes to watch all season, with Luca Mars taking down the 2016 title. Mars season began somewhat bittersweet, with a 4th and 20th, placing himself in an early season hole for the title. Success at GoPro was even harder to come by, as Mars mustered a 9th place finish as his best for the weekend. A 5th and 9th at the July New Castle event was an indication that things were slowly beginning to turn. And much like fellow keystone state rival Madison Campeau, Mars turned up the pressure by sweeping the Pittsburgh events in his home state, as well as the overall weekend title. Another win and runner-up finish in the season finale at New Castle clearly proved you can dig a hole for yourself, stay focused, and race through a very competitive field for the title, as Mars topped Kaden Wharff, Connor Ferris, Zane Maloney, and Rylee Engel for the top honors. Completing the top 10 were Madison Campeau, Caleb Bacon, Jason Welage, Annie Rhule, and Brent Crews.

Final year end results for the Yamaha Junior and Woltjer Racing Engines Pro IAME Junior classes are still under review, and will be released shortly.

On the chassis front, Top Kart notched another season long win, totaling 17 victories, with Tony Kart a close second with 12 this season.  Benik had a good season with 9 wins, while FA finished 4th with 8 wins. Merlin and Praga rounded out the top 5 with 7 wins each.

The 2016 champions will be honored at the annual awards presentation December 27 at the Daytona Beach Resort, part of Daytona KartWeek. Information regarding the awards presentation, as well as Daytona KartWeek will be forthcoming shortly.

WKA would like to congratulate all 2016 champions, top 10 recipients, and the balance of the many drivers who supported the 2016 season. Special thanks to so many include:


Comet Kart Sales

Checkered Motorsports



New Jersey Sprint Series

Water for a Cause

Allison Racing Engines

KartSport North America


Woltjer Racing Engines

Fullerton Karts USA

GT Machine Grand Nationals Rescheduled for Nov 11-13

CONCORD, NC - As a result of the postponement of the scheduled Oct 7-9 GT Machine Grand Nationals weekend at Carolina Motorsports Park in Kershaw, South Carolina due to the potential damaging effects of Hurricane Matthew on the area, World Karting Officials, in cooperation with the track and national competitors registered for the event, have mutually agreed to reschedule the event for November 11-13.

The decision to postpone the event for the October date was met with overwhelming positive results, as competitors from Florida, New York, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Georgia, and more locally would all have been met with great challenges to not only make it to the event, but possibly endure some extremely dangerous weather conditions while at the facility. Potential flooding and 60mph winds are expected in the Kershaw area.

“Postponing this event put all of the Florida customers in a little better frame of mind’, stated Brad Farmer of the North Florida Kart Club in Jacksonville. “While it’s always a joy to be at the track, the constant thought of what is happening to my family and property while I am gone, would have constantly weighed on my mind the entire weekend. I applaud the decision”

Coming from a similar perspective, yet different geographic direction, Jim Lipari of Coyote Motorsports of New York realized the potential war zone they could be driving into. “We’re hearing parts of I-95 South were being shut down, which would force us to not only redirect our path to the track, but then the unknown element of what we would be facing while we were there. WKA did the right thing to ensure people’s safety. I know that wasn’t an easy call, but I think it’s clearly for the best”

While 2 dates were made available by David Watkins of the Carolina Motorsports Park, the date that best suits the majority of competitors is the November date.

Although Daylight Savings Time will have kicked 1 week earlier, WKA is more than confident, given the expedient and consistent manner in which they run a Gold Cup show, that impending darkness as the fall season hits, will not be a factor at all.

Nothing has changed as far as the weekend schedule. Activities will begin Friday at 8:30am with a full day of practice till 4:30pm, followed by the Sportsman and Junior Pro Gas Shootout Races, sponsored by Brads Heating and Cooling, as well as the Senior LO206 Money Race, all beginning at 4:45pm.

Saturday and Sunday activities will roll off at 8:30am each day with 1 round of practice, followed by qualifying, heat race, and final each day.

WKA sincerely thanks all competitors and families involved in our Gold Cup program for their positive support of the postponement, and working with the organization to find a suitable date to finish the season, with all drivers earning their titles on the track.

Special thanks to all of our sponsors:

RLV Tuned Exhaust Products

GT Machine

Kart City Performance

Mikim Motorsports

Noram Clutches

Coyote Motorsports

Jim’s Marine

Briggs & Stratton

Boon and Sons

Water Medic

Bordeaux Dyno Cams

L&A South Tire

Brad’s Heating and Cooling

Spooner General Contractor

Inferno Racing Clutches

Trackside Kart Supply

Thursday Timeline for Atlanta Grand National Updated

Thursday Timeline for Atlanta Grand National Updated

CONCORD, NC- Due to a track rental, the Thursday timeline for Parking, Pit Pass Sales, and Registration for the Grand Nationals this weekend at Atlanta Motorsports Park for the Dunlop/Xeramic National Road Race Series, presented by Russell Karting has been modified.

Competitors will be allowed to gain entrance to their parking area at 5pm instead of the original starting time of 3pm. Anyone showing up prior to 5pm, are welcome to stage in the North Paddock. At 5pm, competitors will then be guided to the South Paddock, which will serve as their pit parking for the weekend.

With the change on the front side of the time schedule, WKA Officials will remain on property until all customers that need parking or registration needs have been taken care of.

The time schedule for the balance of the weekend, beginning on Friday with a full day of practice, will remain unchanged, unless otherwise noted by the Race Director on site.

To view the weekend schedule, CLICK HERE.

Annual WKA Membership Meeting to be held at New Castle Event

Annual WKA Membership Meeting to be held at New Castle Event

CONCORD, NC- The annual WKA Membership Meeting will be held a little earlier this year than last, with the New Castle Motorsports Park facility serving as the setting for members of all series of racing to join the many officers and trustees available that weekend.

The meeting will take place Thursday September 22, which will serve as parking and load in day for the Top Kart USA Grand Nationals for the Bridgestone Manufacturers Cup Series, with the precise location and time to be announced during the day.  

Members will have the opportunity to receive the most up to date status of the organization, as well as have the chance to ask questions and offer insight to their respective programs.

While the Membership Meeting will be held during a Mfg. Cup Series event, any members that are within reasonable driving distance to the New Castle location, are more than welcome to attend, including Gold Cup, Winter Cup, and Road Race Series members, along with any members not directly attached to any particular series.

The meeting is for the WKA Membership solely. Any current WKA Member wishing to partake in the meeting will be required to show his/her current WKA Membership Card upon entrance to the meeting.

Track Map for Kershaw Gold Cup Grand National Available



CONCORD, NC - As announced recently, the finale for the RLV Tuned Exhaust Products Gold Cup Series October 7-9 at Carolina Motorsports Park in Kershaw, South Carolina will have a little bit of a twist thrown in. Competitors in the hunt for their respective national titles will be running the GT Machine Grand Nationals in the opposite direction from what they have been accustomed to.

The path drivers will take for this event is not uncommon, as Carolina Motorsports Park Officials have run many local events with the same configuration, which is a bit quicker running clockwise than the traditional route.

As a result, the grid and tech area will also be shifted to accommodate the change in direction for the event.

Activities for the GT Machine Grand Nationals get underway Friday with a full day of practice at 8:30am. Later in the day, the Sportsman and Junior Pro Gas drivers will compete in their final Shootout races of the season, with $200 up for grabs to the winner, $100 for 2nd, and $50 for third, along with awards for the top 3. The Senior LO206 competitors will also have a Money Race Friday evening, with a 75% payback based on entry count.

A full day of racing gets underway at 8:30am both Saturday and Sunday, with 11 national titles on the line for 2016.

Be sure and click HERE to go to the Gold Cup Series page and view the entry blank, schedule info, as well as a copy of the track map.



Competitors looking for the final entry blank for the 2016 RLV Tuned Exhaust Products Gold Cup Series can now view the entry information for the GT Machine Grand Nationals online. The series finale will be held at Carolina Motorsports Park in Kershaw, South Carolina October 7-9, however, with an interesting twist, as competitors will run the sprint circuit in the opposite direction, thus throwing out the challenge to many who have never run the configuration other than the traditional course WKA has utilized in the past.

The weekends action will kick off with a full day of practice on Friday, followed by Shootout Races for the Sportsman and Junior Pro Gas Classes, as well as a Money Race for the Senior LO206 competitors.

The ultimate battle for the 11 national titles up for grabs will kick into full swing on Saturday, as competitors will actually be vying for 2 Eagles, one the traditional Grand National Eagle, the other being the eagle champions receive for winning the national title. Here’s a look at the classes fighting for the championships;

Coyote Motorsports/Jim’s Marine Senior Pro Gas Medium

Junior Pro Gas Lite General Contractor Sportsman Gas Lite

Briggs & Stratton/Inferno Racing Clutches Senior LO206 Heavy

Boon and Sons Kid Karts

Water Medic Junior LO206

Bordeaux Dyno Cams/Trackside Kart Supply Senior Pro Gas Heavy

L&A South Tire Sportsman LO206

Briggs & Stratton Junior Pro Gas Heavy

Briggs & Stratton Masters LO206 Senior

Brad’s Heating and Cooling Sportsman Pro Gas Heavy

Fast Time Awards will once again be provided by Mikim Motorsports with Noram Clutches serving as Associate Sponsor for the weekends activities.

The battle for chassis supremacy will also be determined, with Arrow holding a commanding 11-win edge over Coyote 22-11, with Razor at 9, Ionic Edge and Comet Eagle with 6 wins, and MGM responsible for 1 win this season.

Action on Saturday and Sunday kick off with Practice at 8:30am, followed by qualifying, 1 heat race, and the main events. Podium presentations will follow each days activities with a new wave of 4 Cycle National Champions on the horizon.