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ATTENTION All two cycle karts competing in the Man-Cup & Road Race Series


(JUNE 29TH, 2017)

CONCORD, NC - All two cycle karts competing in the Man-Cup and the Road Race series will be required to utilize an auxiliary carb return spring. This rule does not apply to karts using a slide carb with an internal compression type return spring --- several acceptable types are shown below -- other types may be used if inspected and approved by the WKA tech officials.

This rule will be in effect immediately and all karts must be in compliance before entering the track at upcoming events.  See pictures below for details.


CONCORD, NC - Recently we have received several calls regarding the wheel width rules for the LO206/CIK Senior class that will be competing in the Man-Cup series in 2017.

Max overall wheel width    front --5.625"   ---   rear --8.5"  (mounted assembly as raced)

This clarification also applies to the LO206/CIK class (362.18)  being run in the Road Race Series also.