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Daytona KartWeek kicks off the 2019 Vega Road Race Series

Karters stream in by the hundreds for the start of the 2019 season at Daytona International Speedway.  For many it’s a chance to escape the freezing temperatures of their hometown for the warm Florida sunshine.  That may sound like a line from a tourist brochure, but families from across the country flock to the Sunshine State to compete in World Karting Association’s Daytona KartWeek in hopes of bringing home a 1st place trophy.  This event which historically runs in the days separating Christmas and New Year’s Day, has become an annual adventure for most of these racing families.  While many of these go-kart drivers aren’t even of legal age to drive on the streets, they come here to experience the sights and sounds of the mecca of racing.  Many stars got their start by competing in Daytona KartWeek events including Marco Andretti, Tony Stewart, Brian Vickers and Bobby Labonte.

To start off the race weekend Race 3 brought out an impressive amount of karters to the grid.  The CIK LO206 Sprint class had 28 drivers ready to battle for the checkered flag.  As the drivers took to the front straight away on the 1st lap there seemed to be a couple of packs that had formed from the drop of the green flag.  Leading the front pack and taking advantage of the draft was Jeff Hoff and James Vanderzee followed by Todd Horton and Justin Vanderzee.  Also holding his own on the outside of the pack was Richard Hoff.  By the 3rd lap #290 Richard Hoff and #104 Matt Turner had taken the lead coming into the horseshoe on the road race course. Followed by Jeff Hoff, Todd Horton, and both James and Justin Vanderzee.  Unfortunately, Justin Vanderzee found himself in the grass but was able to recover and join the rest of the pack.  Regrettably around the 17-minute mark an accident occurred, and the red flag was brought out.  Since the race was more than halfway done, the race was called, and the drivers were brought in.  The final outcome of the race was Richard Hoff bringing home the 1st place finish, while James and Justin Vanderzee took home 2nd and 3rd. 


Sunday’s CIK LO206 class was just as exciting but was time reduced to 20 minutes due to the heavy fog that plagued the track on Sunday morning.  With less time to race the pressure was on for many of the drivers to be part of the front pack.  Coming into the road race portion of the track the lead pack consisted of Matt Turner, Justin and James Vanderzee, Jeff Hoff and Jerry Turner.   Todd Horton and Quincy Smith brought up the rear in this group of racers.  For what seemed like just a few laps these drivers battled back and forth with various lead changes on every lap.  But in the end #300 Jeff Hoff took the checkered flag, while Justin Vanderzee and Matt Turner took 2nd and 3rd. 

While Race 4 did not bring out a huge number of racers among the 4 different classes, what it did bring to the grid was tons of racing experience and too many 1st place trophies to count.  Among the drivers in these classes were the Fulks brothers Randy and Rick.  The Harper family, Robby and Robby Jr. and the Brown family, Jamey and John.  Margay owner, Keith Freber who has attended 37 Daytona races as a driver since 1982.  Also, veteran racers Brad Zoeller, Allen Cox and Jim Farr Jr. brought their A game to the track hoping to secure a 1st place finish.  Matt Michel ended up driving for Robby Sr in the #52 kart.  Right out of the gate in the B stock class Rick Fulks took a 4 sec lead and never looked back.  He held that pace for the entire 25 minutes and ended up taking the 1st place finish followed by Allen Cox and Jim Farr Jr.

 The Yamaha Senior class had a very intense race between veteran drivers Randy Fulks and Keith Freber, and Mid-West KART member Rusty Benson.  Coming off the 1st lap Randy Fulks had somewhat of a lead on Freber and Benson, but that was short lived as they caught up to Randy after the second lap.  While Randy held onto his 1st position, Freber and Benson battled back and forth throughout the entire race for 2nd position.  In the end Randy Fulks took home another 1st finish while Keith Freber took 2nd and Rusty Benson brought home a 3rd place finish. 

The TaG Heavy class in Race 5 brought a whooping 26 drivers to Daytona to fight for the right of 1st place.  With this many drivers there was bound to be some good racing.  Coming off the 1st lap Jason Lorang had a good lead on drivers Matt Cherry and Brad Adams.  In the second group which was close behind, Scoot Cherry, Jeff Bierman, Steven Hefley and Nathan Wilkins were fighting to gain position over one another.   About halfway through the race, positions had changed but Jason Lorang was still holding strong on his 1st place position.  This time Steven Helfley had moved up to 2nd place while Matt and Scott Cherry were vying for that 3rd place position.  This battle continued until the very end where Jason Lorang brought home the checkered flag and Steven Helfley and Nathan Wilkins took 2nd and 3rd.

Sunday’s TaG Heavy race also brought a ton of good ole fashion racing with 29 karts on the grid.  Coming around the 1st lap, John Brown was in the lead followed by Tiffany Fisher, Brad Adams and Jeff Bierman.  Leading the way in the 2nd pack was Jason Lorang Dennis Whittaker, Brandon Rodriguez and Steven Hefley.  By lap 3 positions had changed as Tiffany Fisher took the lead with Jeff Bierman and Jamey Brown hot on her tail.  Steven Hefley was also closing in with 4th place.  Coming into the halfway point of the race Jason Lorang had made a huge leap to take the 1st place position while Tiffany Fisher fell back to 2nd place.  John and Jamey Brown held strong in 3rd and 4th.  As the checkered flag came out Jamey Brown had taken the lead from Jason Lorang who was only 0.016 of sec behind him while fellow teammate John Brown came in a very close 3rd place.

The Unlimited class not only brought out 18 drivers to the grid, but they also brought the speed.  Veteran racer Johnny West took an early lead and kept it with an impressive 1 minute 54 second lap time.  Following him on the 1st lap was #73 James Skyers, #42 Michael Tracy, #23 Jim White and #420 Chuck Gilbert.  By lap 4 both Brian Wilhelm and Mitch White who were in 7th and 8th place had jumped into the 2nd and 3rd spots.  These positions were held until the checkered flag was thrown with Johnny West leading Brian Wilhelm by 32 seconds.

Sunday’s Unlimited class brought out even more racers for a total of 21.  Once again Johnny West brought the speed with an even faster lap time than Saturday’s race.   Again, he took an early lead followed by Rick Fulks, Brian Wilhelm, Patrick Olsen, Larry Dobbs, and James Skyers.  Unfortunately, Patrick Olsen and Rick Fulks were only able to get 1 lap in.  By the halfway mark it seemed as if we were watching the same race as Saturday with Johnny West in 1st place.  This time Brian Wilhelm was hot on his trail with only 1 second separating the 2 racers.  In the end that second was just enough for Johnny West to secure another 1st place finish.  Brian Wilhelm and Mitch White once again snagged the 2nd and 3rd place finishes.

The IAME Sprint class was full of excited and well as controversy as 26 racers lined up to take the green flag.  As the racers came around to take the green flag on the straight away Jamey Brown lead the lead pack followed by John brown and Scott Cherry.  Not too far behind was the 2nd group led by 17 year old female racer Paige Evans.  Hot on her tail was Tyson Knight, Matt Cherry and Jason Lorang.  Coming into lap 4 which marked the halfway point of the race, Jamey Brown still held the lead over teammate John Brown and Scott Cherry.  The 2nd group was gaining ground still led by Paige Evans with Jason Lorang now behind her, followed by Tyson Knight and Nathan Wilkins.  As the checkered flag was thrown racers John Brown and Scott Cherry made a play for 1st place and took the win with Jamey Brown taking 3rd.  Unfortunately following a post-race DQ of the top 3 places, the win went to Paige Evans while Jason Lorang and Tyson Knight came in 2nd and 3rd.


With Saturday’s controversy looming over everyone’s head the IAME class took to the grid on Sunday hoping for the same excitement but with a lot less drama.  As the drivers exited turn 4 on the 1st lap the lead pack was led by Jason Lorang and Brian Fisher.  Brian Adams and Cole Peschang were close behind in the 3rd and 4th positions.  As the 2nd group came around it was led by none other than 17-year-old Paige Evans with teammates Jamey and John Brown following suite.  As the racers started lap 3 positions had changed once again.  Paige Evans now led the pack with the Jamey Brown next in line.  With a little distance between them Scott Cherry was leading the charge for the 2nd group followed by Cole Peschang and John Brown.  Coming into lap 5 Jamey Brown had taken over the lead position with John Brown and Jason Lorang hanging onto 2nd and 3rd.  As the checkered flag was thrown the winner on Sunday’s IAME race was John Brown with Jamey Brown 2nd, Cole Peschang 3rd, Scott Cherry 4th and Paige Evans rounding out the top 5.


Congratulations to all the winners at Daytona KartWeek!!  The next stop on the Vega Road Race series is Roebling Road, which is where the 2018 Road Race series banquet will be held.  Hope to see you there!!



Cadet LO206 (LO): Carson Bartlett

Jr. LO206 (LO): Ayden Gough

Vintage Open: Tony Ellison

Yamaha Sportsman Heavy: Randy Fulks

100cc Controlled: Nate Grindell

CIK LO206 Sprint: Richard Hoff

KA100 Jr: Liam Kelly

PKE Honda Jr: Mason Lastra

PKE Honda Sr: Matt Swiat4ek

TaG Jr: Carson Aarup

B Stock: Rick Fulks

Formula 100: Mitch White

X30 Laydown: Lance Yunck

Yamaha Sr: Randy Fulks

Animal Sprint 390: Ben Thomason

Jr Animal: Madison Wheatley

Stock Honda: Alex Laughlin

Tag Heavy: Jason Lorang

Yamaha Sprint: James Crawford

Formula 100: Travis Miller

Yamaha Sportsman Med: Chad Dokken

100cc Piston Port: Brad Zoeller

Open Sprint: Robin Bank

Unlimited: Johnny West

125 Shifter Sprint: James Crawford

Clone Sprint: Conner Toomey

IAME Sprint: Paige Evans

LO206 Sprint 390: Stephen Bassharr

WKA Sprint Sprint: Louie Mageria

Yamaha Sportsman Spt: Dawn Magiera



Clone Sprint: James Cartledge

IAME Sprint: John Brown

LO206 Sprint 390: Clark Simonton

TaG Jr: Carson Aarup


Vintage Euro: Edward Dolbow

Vintage Open: Tony Ellison

Yamaha Sprint: David Bruisma

Yamaha Sr: Adam Trumbley

Yamaha Sportsman Heavy: Randy Fulks

100cc Controlled: Lance Yunck

Cadet LO206 (LO): Carson Bartlett

Jr LO206 (LO): Ayden Gough

Open Sprint: Robin Bank

Unlimited: Johnny West

125 Sprint Shifter: Eric Fagan

Formula 100: Brian Morse

X30: Lance Yunck

Yamaha Sportsman Med: Chad Dokken

100cc Piston Port: Rusty Benson

CIK LO206 Sprint: Jeff Hoff

KA100 Jr: Makena Rice

KA100 Sr: Chase Carey

PKE Honda Jr: Mason Lastra

PKE Honda Sr: Destiny Albertson

TaG Heavy: Jamey Brown

Animal Sprint 390: Andrew Boyer

Jr Animal: Madison Wheatley

Stock Honda: Skitchy Barnes

WKA Sprint: Louie Magiera

Yamaha Sportsman Spt: Dawn Magiera

Attention all KartWeek Classes that Require 87 Octane

Attention: All class that require 87 octane (except for Kid Karts) heading for the WKA Daytona KartWeek, scheduled for December 27-30, 2018;

The spec gasoline for this event will be Sunoco 87 octane available from:

Sunoco A-Plus

2501 W. International Speedway Blvd.

Daytona Beach, Fl. 32114


Open 24 hours.

Please note: use pump #1, 87 octane (there will be a WKA sticker on the pump to remind you).



CONCORD, NC - Today, December 12th, is the last day to register for the biggest karting event of the year---Daytona Kartweek.  Registration officially closes at 12pm Midnight (EST) to allow the WKA office time to prepare for the event.

Also, some Daytona hotels have extended their WKA offers until December 17th, so if you haven't booked a room yet, here is your last chance to do so at a reduced rate. Click the hotel booking link under your race series to be taken to the booking platform.

To register, click your race series registration link below:

Daytona Road Race deadline: Dec. 12th


Daytona Dirt World Championship deadline: Dec. 12th

Manufacturers Cup deadline: Dec. 12th

Thank you, Happy Holidays and safe travels!



Popular Global Tire Manufacturer Continues as the Title Brand of the National Series


CONCORD, NC - After years of support of the WKA National Road Race program, Vega Tires has committed to continue its support to the WKA Road Racers by extending its backing as Title Sponsor for another 3-years.

“Vega Tires, together with TS Racing have always been valuable members of the WKA Family, and their extended commitment to our National Road Race Program proves their support for the benefit of the racers.” Stated WKA President Kevin Williams, “We are thrilled that loyal partners like Vega Tires see the value of supporting karters, and we cannot be happier they have pledged their commitment for another 3-years.  This is an exciting time for the Vega National Road Race Series.”

As a part of their dedication to the Road Race program, TS Racing and Vega Tires will be available at the National Road Race events to offer support to the participants, from technical assistance to product knowledge.

“Vega Tires and TS Racing have been long-time supporters of WKA and their many programs,” stated TS Racing President Tod Spaude, “We believe WKA’s support of all racers is a home for TS Racing and Vega Tires to promote our products and expertise, to enhance the experience for the racers.”

Next stop for the Vega Tires National Road Race Series is KartWeek at Daytona International Speedway.  Entry Forms and information can be found at

About World Karting Association- The World Karting Association has been a non-profit, Membership Organization since 1971, and has provided venues for members to enjoy all aspects of Karting in the USA, from its office in Concord, NC.  Providing Regulations, Instruction and Certifications, Racing Series, Insurance, and venues for fair and safe Karting on all levels, WKA has a place for everyone in Karting.   For more information, contact WKA at, or


WKA Daytona Kartweek Entry Forms, Hotels, and Parking are Now Available

17_Kart Week Dark.jpg

CONCORD, NC - With the start of the 2019 WKA National Karting Calendar upon us, WKA has made entry forms, hotel availability, and pit parking available for all three events of the famed WKA Daytona Kartweek at
“The WKA Team has worked tirelessly to make this Daytona the best ever,” stated WKA President, Kevin Williams, “I’m excited about all the enhancements lined up for this year’s Daytona, which set up the reason season in all our programs.”
For the Maxxis Tires Dirt Championships at Daytona, in addition to a full-schedule of classes the WKA Dirt Committee has decided to bring back long-time partners of the Unlimited All Stars, (UAS), in favor of the Hobby classes. 
In addition to Daytona, the Vega Tires Road Race Series has secured dates at Roebling Road, Topeka, and a new venue this year at Gateway Motorsports Park, outside St. Louis. Heavy negotiations are being finalized now for additional tracks, with the full 2019 Road Race Calendar to be announced in the coming days.
The Bridgestone Manufacturers Cup will see the most changes this year, as the series welcomes the IAME KA 100 Junior and Briggs 206 Cadet.  As with previous years, the Margay Ignite program will be back at Daytona, along with Margay’s Title Sponsorship of the Daytona Event.
Finally, WKA has recently partnered with Eventure Event Specialists to secure hotel rooms for the participants, for all the National Events of WKA’s 2019 Schedule.  Hotel booking links are found on each of the racing series event pages at


To register for the Daytona Kartweek Bridgestone Manufacturer's Cup event, click the button below to be taken to the Manufacturer's Cup Series page on our website.

Manufacturer's Cup


To register for the Daytona Kartweek Vega Tires Road Race Series event, click the button below to be taken to the Road Race Series page on our website.

Road Race Series


To register for the Daytona Dirt World Championships event, click the button below to be taken to the Dirt World Championship page on our website.

Dirt World Championships

About World Karting Association- The World Karting Association has been a non-profit, Membership Organization since 1971, and has provided venues for members to enjoy all aspects of Karting in the USA, from its office in Concord, NC, including the famous Daytona Kartweek.  Providing Regulations, Instruction and Certifications, Racing Series, Insurance, and venues for fair and safe Karting on all levels, WKA has a place for everyone in Karting.   For more information, contact WKA at, or



CONCORD, NC - The entry Deadline for the Margay Sprint Nationals Manufacturer's Cup event is this Sunday, December 17th. This is the first time we are doing the race tire distribution.
Please help us out by Pre Registering so we can get a accurate tire count and also save yourself $100.00 at the track. No exceptions will be made after the December 17th deadline.


We look forward to seeing you all at the speedway for #KARTWEEK!



CONCORD, NC - Today is the last day to have your pre-entries into the WKA office for the Vega Road Racing event at Daytona International Speedway.  If you would like to enter, please fax (704) 455-1609.  The entry blank can be viewed and printed by clicking the button below.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the speedway for #KartWeek!

Entry Blank

2017 Daytona Dirt World Entry Blank is Now Available


CONCORD, NC- The WKA would like to thank everyone for their patience in waiting on the Daytona Dirt World Dirt Entry sponsored by Vega Tires . The entry blank is now available. We look forward to seeing you at the newly improved flat track at Daytona International Speedway starting Wednesday December 27th, 2017!

CLICK HERE for the Entry Blank

CLICK HERE to view the Event Schedule

CLICK HERE to view the Purses

CLICK HERE to view the Class Specs

Trailer storage available after Daytona KartWeek at Roebling Road Raceway


CONCORD, NC- WKA would like to thank Roebling Road Raceway for extending the offer to our racers and making available trailer storage at their facility in Bloomingdale, GA. Interested racers may drop their trailer off for storage on the way home from Daytona KartWeek. Trailers can be stored until WKA’s next Road Racing event at Roebling Road on March 9th, 2018.

We ask that you kindly contact Jack Abbott with Roebling Road with any questions and to make arrangements at (912) 247-0472. A Storage fee of $30 applies, along with an agreement of release that must be signed.

2017 Season WKA Manufacturers Cup Awards Banquet Details


CONCORD, NC- The Awards Banquet for the 2017 Manufacturer's Cup season will be held Wednesday December 27th 7:00pm at The Plaza Spa and Resort.  The Plaza Resort and Spa has made available a special room rates for WKA members for anyone wanting to stay on Daytona’s famous beach.  See below for details:

*** The Plaza Resort & Spa WKA ROOM SPECIAL***

(Rate Expires 12/15/17)

No Resort fees Free parking!

Call 1-855-327-5292. Special Rate Code:"WORLD KARTING 2017"

600 North Atlantic Ave, Daytona Beach, FL 32118

CLICK HERE to Book your room Online

CLICK HERE to view and print the banquet RSVP

5 Helpful Hints for Daytona KartWeek


CONCORD, NC - With Daytona KartWeek fast approaching, please make sure your WKA membership is current and up to date. If you plan on racing the Road Race or Manufacturer's Cup events you must be a WKA member (rule 103.0).

Temporary memberships are no longer offered through the WKA office. We recommend having your membership completed prior to KartWeek to expedite your time at registration and pre-entry pick up.

New and renewing members can find the membership application on the WKA website by clicking HERE.

Please have your WKA membership cards available to time of registration and pre-entry pick up.  

Thank you and see you all very soon!

kartweek (1).png

Statement from WKA


CONCORD, NC - Taking rumor out of the equation, WKA is announcing the termination of the employment of Buddy Long.

As we have in the past, we as an organization, look forward to upholding our high level of integrity and service to our racing community. 

Looking ahead to the start of 2018 race season, we look forward to seeing you at Daytona KartWeek.  The legend will continue.


Daytona KartWeek Plans in Full Swing


CONCORD, NC - With the 2017 racing season rapidly coming to a conclusion, World Karting Officials are busy preparing for the beginning of the 2018 national season, which, in comparison to most other forms of motorsports, begins before the previous calendar year comes to a halt.

WKA and Daytona International Speedway Officials, as well as other groups involved in the December spectacle, have already begun discussion on the latest edition of Daytona KartWeek. At present, the various Competition Committees for the Bridgestone Manufacturers Cup Series, Dunlop/Xeramic National Road Race Series presented by Russell Karting, and Speedway Dirt have begun not only the process of finalizing class structure, but also nailing down the 2018 national schedule.

As always, Daytona KartWeek will get underway December 27 with parking for all 3 groups participating, followed by a full day of practice for Road Race and Mfg Cup Dec 28, while Speedway Dirt will begin Race Day #1. National competition for the Road Race and Mfg Cup Series will officially kick into gear Dec 29th and 30th.

Be sure and keep in touch with the World Karting website for weekly updates, as the latest edition of Daytona KartWeek nears.

Parity Reigns Supreme in Daytona Manufacturers Cup Season Opener

CONCORD, NC - With 10 different chassis scoring wins in the 18 races for the season opener for the Bridgestone Manufacturers Cup Series during Daytona KartWeek at Daytona International Speedway, that pretty much signified many different faces on the top shelf of the podium for the Margay Sprint Championships at the World Center of Racing.

Aside from the stout sweeping performance of Corey Towles in the LO206 Senior category, no other driver found themselves with the #1 below their feet when it came time to crown the weekend winners.

For the second straight season, a strong turnout of LO206 Senior drivers began the opening ceremonies for the 4 Cycle Sprint portion of Daytona Kartweek, with Towles, the national runnerup in the LO206 Senior Class on the RLV Tuned Exhaust Products Gold Cup Series, beginning the 2017 season with a vengeance, taking down the field in the first 20 lap final of the week. With an all star lineup of 4 cycle drivers, all sporting the new CIK Bodyworks on hand, Towles turned back the field, with Gold Cup and Road Race veteran Zach Linsell coming home second on Day 1, followed by Hunter Fox, Jeremy Warren, and Eric Fagan.

Rounding out the top ten were Mike Greiner, Patrick O’Neal, Zack Skolnick, Dustin Demattia, and Robby Mott. Day 2 found a little more pressure on Towles, to no avail though, as Demattia chased the 2 time winner across the stripe, followed by Linsell, Greiner, and Fox, with Jordan Bernloeher, O’Neal, Jason Lavere, Drew Lansing, and Ryan Rogers making up the top 10. For his efforts, Towles, piloting a Comet Eagle Chassis, was also the weekends overall champion, sponsored this year by Trinity Karting Group, one of the new sponsors on the series this year.

Next to take the track was the Allison Racing Engines Yamaha Sportsman class, with William Robusto striking first on Day 1, flying the Comp Kart colors enroute to the win over Mateo Rubio-Luengo. Making up the top 5 were Anderson Leonard, Garrett Adams, and Brent Crews, with Sam Hinds, Nikita Johnson, Annie Rhule, Nick Snell, and Logan Adams making up the top 10. Day 2 found the Adams brothers improving from their 4th and 10th place finishes, by making it a 1, 2 knockout for the win. Snell also improved on Day 2, taking third, with Robusto and Leonard rounding out the top 5. Rounding out the top 10 were Luengo, Aiden Baker Crouse, Hinds, Thomas Schrage, and Crews. Adams consistency on his FA Chassis also netted him the Trinity Karting Group overall weekend title.

Parity continued in the Comet Racing Engines Yamaha Junior class where Colin Neal became the first Tony Kart driver to park in the winners circle, topping Tyler Ferris, Emory Lyda, Elliott Budzinski, and Arie Venberg. The top ten were made up of Finnegan Bayliff, Jack Dorsey, Gavin Bayliff, Madison Campeau, and Matthew Mockabee. Budzinski maintained his top 5 consistency on Day 2, climbing the ladder up to the top spot, also on a Tony Kart, topping Spike Kohlbecker, Ferris, Finnegan Bayliff, and Lyda. Top ten were Day 1 winner Neal, followed by James Lynch, Mockabee, Campeau, and Venberg. Budzinski’s pair of top fives also netted him the Trinity Karting Groups Overall weekend title

Senior time on the track on the 2 Cycle side began with the Yamaha Senior class where Minnesota hotshoe Alexander Kardashian gave Top Kart their first win of the week, as he fended off 2 time 2016 Champion Braden Eves, with Jake Venberg, Chris Slinden, and Marina Walters rounding out the top 5. Making up the top 10 were Carter Pease, Josh Fierke, Kindra Hurlburt, and Emily Hurlburt. After struggling mightily on Day 1, former champion Dakota Pesek displayed his champions colors, taking the Day 2 win on his Top Kart, with Eves, Kardashian, Fierke, and Venberg rounding out the top 5. Top 10 were made up of Slinden, Pease, Derek Hughes, Walters, and Emily Hurlburt. For his 2 day effort, Kardashian claimed the Trinity Karting Group Overall weekend title.

An added element to Daytona KartWeek, and the combined Mfg Cup/Winter Cup season opener was the appearance of the OTK Kart USA ROK Shifter class. Long time a favorite for 2 cycle fans over the years in Mfg Cup racing history, the return of the Shifter class with their traditional standing starts brought the crowd to the frontstretch fence both days. Taking the win on Day 1 was longtime WKA regular Jonathan Kotyk on his Top Kart, with Vincenzo Sarracino, Rory Van der steur, John Perry Hilton V, and Andres Ceballos making up the top 5. Day 2 found Sarracino edging up one spot in the order on his Tony Kart chassis, while Ryan Lewis rebounded from a last place finish on Day 1 to claim runnerup honors, followed by Michael Stevens, Kotyk, and Ceballos. Sarracino’s consistency netted him the Trinity Karting Group Overall weekend title.

Keeping people glued to the fence, the Mini Swift class took to the track next with Caleb Gafrarar turning back a stout field of competition, flying the Parolin Chassis colors, topping Mateo Rubio-Luengo, Calem Maloney, Alex Powell, and Christian Miles. Rounding out the top ten were Jakub Kolar, Frankie Iadevaia, Sam Corry, Ben Maier, and Christian Rutty. Following a top 5 and top 10 in the Yamaha Sportsman class, as well as a runnerup in Mini Swift on Day 1, Luengo finally got the monkey off his back, taking down the field on his Kosmic Chassis, topping Powell, Maloney, Maier, and Jorge Ortiz. Gafrarar rebounded from early race issues to race back to 6th, followed by Kolar, Elliott Cox, Prevail Perkins, and Sebastian NG. Luengo’s top 2 finishes also allowed him to claim the Trinity Karting Group Overall weekend title.

The remaining 3 classes for the week involved the Pro Classes, beginning with the IAME USA East Pro Swift Sportsman Class, where Ashton Chilton drew first blood, taking the win on his Tony Kart over Santiago Trisini, Aiden Baker Crouse, Lucas Rodriguez, and Nicholas Terlecki. Jamie Newton came home 6th, followed by Connor Zillisch, Nikita Johnson, William Robusto, and Elio Giovane. From 10th to first, Giovane made a huge statement on Day 2, putting his Benik chassis in victory lane, with Chilton, Leonard, Granger Perra, and Brent Crews making up the top 5. Trisini led the next 5, followed by Robusto, Zillisch, Johnson, and Rodriguez. By picking up the Trinity Racing Group Overall weekend title, Chilton not only received the award, but a $500 payday, with Trisini netting a check for $250, and Giovane getting a set of Bridgestone Tires.

Zane Maloney began his quest for the Woltjer Racing Engines Pro IAME Junior title on Day 1, taking the win on his FA Chassis, topping Dylan Tavella, Max Peichel, Oliver Calvo, and 2 time 2016 champion Pauly Massimino. Rounding out the top 10 were Tahlon Yockel, Luke Wallace, Kaden Wharff, Caleb Bacon, and Tyler Maxson. Probably the biggest comeback of the weekend was for Tyler Gonzalez. After a disastrous Day 1, Gonzalez roared through the field to claim the Day 2 win over Tavella, Massimino, Calvo, and Peichel, with Colin Gasparini, Maloney, Cody Krucker, Connor Ferris, and Gage Rodgers completing the top 10. With his pair of runnerup finishes, Tavella netted the Trinity Karting Group Overall weekend top honors, as well as a check for $500, with Day 1 winner Maloney getting a check for $250 and Massimino earning a set of Bridgestone Tires.

The finale for the week came in the form of the KartSport North America Pro IAME Senior class. With $1,000 on the line for the weekend, AJ Myers stormed to the Day 1 win on his TB Kart, besting Braden Eves, Austin Garrison, Brandon Jarsocrak, and Jonathan Kotyk, while Jacob Donald, Blake Hunt, Austin McCusker, Bradley Zillisch, and Mick Gabriel rounding out the top 10. Day 2 results found Jarsocrak improving from 4th to take the win for Praga, with Kotyk also improving up to second, followed by McCusker, Myers, and Donald for the top 5, while Alexander Kardashian cracked the top 10 on Day 2, followed by Eves, Zillisch, Hunt, and Gabriel. In the end, the $1,000 top prize went to Jarsocrak, with Myers claiming $500, while Kotyk earned a set of Bridgestone Tires.

In addition to the class and Overall Weekend Champions Sponsor, special thanks to Margay for the continued support of the Daytona Margay Sprint Championships. Also thanks to Comet Kart Sales, proud sponsor of the Fast Time Awards both days, to New Jersey Sprint Series for providing the new lineup of Champions Flags, and to Tillotson for providing Generators to one lucky winner each race, as well as Miller Welders, for providing a welder to one lucky recipient at the latest year end awards presentation.

With one of the more successful Daytona KartWeek events in the books, the focus now turns to the next Winter Cup event, taking place February 24-26 at 103rd Street Sports Complex in Jacksonville, Florida. Entry information will be available shortly.

With Daytona also serving as a Winter Cup event, all drivers are still eligible for the multitude of bonuses. With the exception of the ROK Shifter class, all 2017 Winter Cup Champions will receive a free entry to one of the remaining 2017 Mfg Cup events, as well as a set of Bridgestone Tires. The 2017 ROK Shifter Winter Cup Champion will receive tires, fuel, oil, and a free entry into the ROK Cup USA Nationals in September in Orlando, Florida.

Additionally, competitors in the Pro IAME Junior and Senior classes who compete in all 3 Winter Cup events, as well as all race and overall weekend winners, provided they also compete in all 3 events, will be eligible for a drawing, possibly earning a lucky driver a chance to attend the X30 International Finals in Lemans, France in October. So the more you participate, and the more times you win, the better the odds of heading to one of the most hallowed grounds in international motorsports history. Aside from travel, all other expenses will be taken care of for the winner.  

For those strictly following the Bridgestone Manufacturers Cup Series, the next event will be May 19-21 at Pittsburgh International Race Complex in Wampum, Pennsylvania.

On behalf of the World Karting Association, our sincerest thanks to all for a most successful edition of Daytona KartWeek!

Boyers 4 wins leads all Daytona Road Race Winners & Michel exercises Demons in return to the High Banks

CONCORD, NC - The beginning of a new year for the Dunlop/Xeramic National Road Race Series presented by Russell Karting also ushered in great new momentum to the series, as over 500 entries packed Daytona International Speedway for the latest edition of Daytona KartWeek. Peppered with a great combination of 2 and 4 cycle racers, not to mention new Local Option classes, led by the Cadet LO206 Class, the new season couldn’t have started out better.

While at least 19 drivers found their way to victory lane more than once, Andrew Boyer staked his claim to Daytona’s Gatorade Victory Circle, notching 4 national event wins during the week, sweeping the Animal Heavy, as well as Clone LO206 Heavy classes. Next in line to celebrate 3 times during KartWeek was Margays own Keith Freber. While his crew was busy thrashing at the neighboring Sprint Track in the Margay Sprint Nationals for the Bridgestone Manufacturers Cup Series, Freber was putting his own thrashing on the competition, sweeping the Yamaha Senior action, while also taking the Yamaha Sportsman Heavy Final on Day 2. The event also marked a welcome return for Matt Michel. Involved in a very hard racing incident just one year ago, Michel returned to the World Center of Racing, conquering the high banks twice, taking the McZero Fabrication Yamaha Sportsman Heavy main on Day 1, then returning to edge Keith Freber in the Yamaha Sportsman Medium Final later in the day.

Other multiple winners included Dawn and Louie Magiera, Dan Febbroriello, Ella Brown, Tracy Phillips, Jason Lorang, Rick Fulks, Logan Nedelka, Ricky Taylor, Patrick Olsen, Brian Wilhelm, Gary Schenkel, and Nicholas Martin.

But for Boyer, it was a dream come true, first knocking down the Clone LO206 Heavy Final on Day 1, topping Joe Cuslidge, James Cartledge, Rob Garland, and Robert Garland Sr. Boyer returned to the track later in the day to top Rob Garland in the Animal Heavy final, with Wesley Thomason, Robert Garland, and Toni Alexander making up the top 5. On day 2, Boyer went right back to work, besting Cuslidge, Rob Garland, Steve Jeffers, and Robert Garland, while again returning to victory lane to sweep the Clone LO206 Heavy final, getting the better of the Garland tandem, Rob and Robert, followed by Thomason and Alexander.

Frebers wins came on the 2-cycle side of the Road Racing fence, first topping Nate Grindell, John Brown, Bill Trumbley, and Adam Trumbley in Yamaha Senior competition. Freber topped Chad Dokken on Day 2 in the same class, with Brown, Adam Trumbley, and Rick Queen making up the top 5. It was again Freber and Dokken in the Yamaha Sportsman Heavy Final on Day 2, with Austin Henry, Tim Linthicum, and Bill Holder making up the top 5.

Florida product Ricky Taylor also checked in for 3 wins on the weekend, notching his first win in the new CIK LO206 Local Option class, which boasted 8 entries for a first-time Local Option Class on the high banks. Taylor topped Rob Hindery, Seth Gordon, Wayne Lee, and Jesse Holt for the top 5 on Day 1. Taylor returned to sweep the class, while also taking Day 2 of the Clone LO206 Lite class as well.

While the series leans mostly on the veteran side as far as level of competition goes, it was great to see the youth movement make their way to Daytona and a new season, as 11 Cadet Racers took to the speedway on Day 1, with Madison Wheatley taking the monumental win over Bree Miller, Austin Harper, Jace Park, and Darryl Lea Moglia. Day 2 found 9 drivers making the return to the speedway, with Austin Harper taking down the win, followed by Wheatley, Moglia, Bree Miller, and Jett Miller. The Cadets, a Local Option Class, will continue as a part of the National Road Race program all season long, next heading to Roebling Road Raceway in Savannah, Georgia March 10-12 for stop #2 on the series.

Other winners during the week included Darrin Cuthbertson in The Agile Group Unlimited Class on Day 1, topping Brian Wilhelm, Scott Hodges, Roger Lockey, and Anthony Turco. Day 2 Unlimited action found Wilhelm scoring the first of his 2 wins on the weekend, besting Robby Harper III, Allen Hollinger, Anthony Turco, and Joey West. Wilhelm also claimed the Rev Clean Formula 125 class, topping Mitch White and Allen Hollinger.

Jason Lorang also checked in for 2 wins during KartWeek, sweeping the West Texas Outlaws TaG Heavy finals. Lorang bested Jim Snyder, Alex Laughlin, Brian Cherry, and Jean Brown on Day 1, with John Brown, Jamey Brown, Tim Snyder, and Jeff Salak making up the top 5 on Day 2.

It wouldn’t be a Road Race if a Fulks wasn’t in Victory Lane. And that’s where Rick Fulks stepped up to the plate, taking the Tru Stripe 100cc Controlled event, topping Lance Yunck, Gary Mikusch, Michael Tracy, and Scott Stauffer for the top 5. Fulks returned for the curtain call on Day 2, besting Stauffer, Mikusch, Tracy, and Adam Myers for the top 5.

And where there is 1 Fulks, another lingers, as Randy Fulks took the GM Fort Wayne Assembly B Stock action on Day 1 over Scott Goodman, Robby Harper III, Dusty Dean, and Robby Harper.

Andrew Boyer wasn’t the only 4 Cycle driver with multiple success during KartWeek, as Stephen Wheatley checked in for the win in the Hoosier Racing Tire Animal Lite class, bettering Ben Thomason, while taking the Animal Medium class on Day 2 over Quentin Hill.

Brian Fisher claimed Day #1 in the Fisher Racing Engines Stock Honda Class, besting Benjamin Eberhart, Steven Rougeou, Keith Buffo, and Jason Park on Day 1, while Stephen Flatt rebounded from a 10th place finish on Day 1 to score the win on Day 2 over Alex Laughlin, Fisher, Rougeou, and Eberhart.

The WT Racing IAME Sprint class was also well attended, with Nicholas Martin sweeping the weekend action, first over Paul Bachman, Stephen Bassham, Walter Troup, and Donald Nelson, then returning on the second day to top Alex Laughlin, Nelson, Lee Curtis, and AJ Ellis.

Known quite a bit for his tuning capabilities, Patrick Olsen traded spots at Daytona, the end result being a sweep in the KALL Racing/Millers Dynotime Racing Formula 100 class both days, topping Lance Yunck, Scott Stauffer, Brian Morse, and Jason Lorang on Day 1, while Michael Tracy, Travis Miller, Lorang, and Morse chased Olsen across the stripe on Day 2.

Here’s a look at many of the other Daytona KartWeek winners:

Day 1:

WKA Sprint: Louie Magiera

Rapid Racing Vintage: Robby Harper

Yamaha Sportsman Sprint: Dan Febbroriello

Animal Medium: Wayne Moffat

Clone LO206 Lite: Rob Hindery

Junior Sprint: Ella Brown

125 Sprint Shifter: Tracy Phillips

Open Sprint: Jerry Revely

Junior Enduro: Logan Nedelka

TaG Junior: Zander Taylor

Junior Animal: Jordan Johnson

X30 Laydown: Gary Schenkel

Yamaha Sprint: Dawn Magiera

100cc Piston Port: John Brown

Junior LO206: Dylan Amundsen

Day 2:

Yamaha Sprint: Dawn Magiera

TaG Junior: Zander Taylor

Junior Animal: Jordan Johnson

Junior Enduro: Logan Nedelka

Junior LO206: Devin Taylor

125 Sprint Shifter: Tracy Phillips

Open Sprint: Adam Myers

X30 Laydown: Gary Schenkel

Vintage: Dick Charest

Animal Lite: Ben Thomason

Junior Sprint: Ella Brown

WKA Sprint: Louie Magiera

Yamaha Sportsman Sprint: Dan Febbroriello

Congratulations to all Daytona KartWeek winners! Before the next checkered falls at Roebling Road Raceway March 10-12 in Savannah, Georgia, the series will crown their 2016 national champions at the year-end awards presentation, following the day long practice for the Roebling Road Nationals Friday March 10. Final preparations are being placed on the Year End Awards presentation, as well as the entry blank for the series second stop for 2017. Be sure and stay connected to the WKA website for the information regarding both events. 

Chassis Battle Heats Up Early Following Daytona Mfg Cup


CONCORD, NC- As the title claimed for the 2016 Manufacturers Championship Trophy was claimed by the slightest of margins, the 2017 battle for the top chassis on the Bridgestone Manufacturers Cup Series appears to be headed in the same direction. On the heels of the 2016 edition of Daytona KartWeek, which also kicks off the 2017 season for the series, 11 different chassis scored wins in the 18 Final events run during the Margay Sprint Championships at Daytona International Speedway Dec 28-30.

Leading the way was 2016 runner-up Tony Kart, checking in with 4 wins at the World Center of Racing, followed closely by defending champion Top Kart with 3. The Comet Eagle Chassis, as well as Kosmic, were the only other chassis that scored more than 1 victory in the season opener.

The wealth for Tony Kart was spread amongst 4 drivers, with Ashton Chilton scoring one of the wins in the IAME USA East Pro Swift Sportsman Class. Joining Chilton in the win category for Tony Kart were Colin Neal, the top dog in the Comet Racing Engines Yamaha Junior class, while Elliott Budzinski took Day 2 honors in the same class, with Vincenzo Sarracino taking the win in the OTK Kart USA ROK Shifter class.

For Top Kart, again 3 different drivers led the way, with Alexander Kardashian taking the Yamaha Senior class. Joining Kardashian for Top Kart were Jonathan Kotyk in the ROK Shifter class, while Dakota Pesek claimed the second day of Yamaha Senior competition.

Kosmic cashed in on their 2 wins on day 2 with Mateo Rubio-Luengo taking the Mini Swift competition, while Tyler Gonzalez laid claim to the Woltjer Racing Engines Pro IAME Junior category.

The addition of the LO206 Senior class to the Mfg Cup fold this year led to Corey Towles drawing first blood not once, but twice, leading the charge for the Comet Eagle camp. The two wins were significant also in the fact that Towles was the only repeat winner all week long in national competition, leading to quite a bit of parity for the first national event of the season.

Scoring 1 victory a piece were Comp Kart, TB Kart, Parolin, BTK, FA, Praga, and Benik. Here’s the list of winners per chassis:

Allison Racing Engines Yamaha Sportsman: William Robusto: Comp Kart

KARTSPORT North America Pro IAME Senior: AJ Myers: TB Kart Mini Swift: Caleb Gafrarar: Parolin

Woltjer Racing Engines Pro IAME Junior: Zane Maloney: BTK

Allison Racing Engines Yamaha Sportsman: Garrett Adams: FA

KARTSPORT North America Pro IAME Senior: Brandon Jarsocrak: Praga

IAME USA East Pro Swift Sportsman: Elio Giovane: Benik

A complete recap of the Margay Sprint Championships will be coming shortly. In the meantime, for a look at the updated Chassis Standings to begin the 2017 season: CLICK HERE.

Helpful Hints for Customers Coming to Daytona KartWeek

CONCORD, NC - In advance of the latest edition of Daytona KartWeek, scheduled for December 27-30 at Daytona International Speedway, WKA would like to provide some Customer Friendly Items, that hopefully will make your experience at The World Center of Racing a little more enjoyable this holiday season.

For competitors arriving in the Daytona Beach area, prior to December 27, the official parking day for KartWeek, the speedway is providing an area in the West Lot of the facility to drop your trailer off, since many hotels in the area do not have adequate parking for a trailer. The early drop off for trailers begins December 23, and is open from 7am-7pm daily.

Once the 27th arrives, customers will be asked to go to Gate 70, which is the official sign in location on Parking Day. If you are coming to the speedway off of I-95, turn right at Williamson Blvd, which is on the Turn 1 and 2 end of the speedway. From there, proceed to your first stop light, which is Midway Blvd. Turn left at Midway, and proceed to Gate 70. Depending on the series you will run, or your status, there are windows for the WKA/Maxxis Dirt, the Bridgestone Manufacturers Cup Series, the Dunlop/Xeramic National Road Race Series, as well as a Comp Pass window for sponsors and workers.

If you are arriving on the 28th and beyond, you will turn at the Gate 40 entrance off of Williamson Blvd, and proceed past the Guard Shack to the 3 way stop. Turn left at the stop and proceed to Ticket Booth E, which will be at your right. Again, there will be windows for all 3 groups, as well as a Comp Pass Window.   Pit passes are available depending on your length of visit. Event Passes, 2 Day, and 1 day passes are available, as well as a $10 pass for spectators who arrive after 4pm for the Daytona Dirt World Championships.

Anyone who needs to ship any items to the speedway, need to ship in this manner:

Your Name

WKA Competitor

c/o Daytona International Speedway

1801 West International Speedway Blvd

Daytona Beach, Florida, 32114


For those competitors running in the Road Race and Manufacturers Cup Series, a Sunoco Fuel Truck will be on the property beginning Tuesday Dec 27 at noon, and will be there till 5pm. The truck will return on the 28th and 29th, from 8am-5pm. The truck will not be at the track on the 30th. So competitors are urged to get the bulk of their fuel for the weekend by the 29th. The truck will staged at the Manufacturer Cup Series pits, with a fuel shuttle service provided by WKA to take care of the Road Race competitors on a daily basis.

Competitors attending the Mfg Cup Awards presentation, and are staying at the Lake Lloyd RV site at the speedway, are urged to make arrangements with a Cab or Uber, assuring they have a way back to the track, in the event the rv is their only form of transportation. The address for the Ocean Breeze Club is 640 N Atlantic Avenue, Daytona Beach, Florida 32118. Toll Free number is 855.212.3224 The Awards presentation will be Tuesday Dec 27. Doors open at 7, with dinner at 7:30 and the award presentation at 8pm.  

For Mfg Cup Series Competitors who use Tillotson Carbs, Andrew Fallon with Tillotson will be on hand to offer support during the event.

We hope these helpful hints will be of great benefit to all who are attending the latest edition of Daytona KartWeek. If anyone has additional questions, feel free to contact the WKA Office at (704) 455-1606.

Thanks so much for attending Daytona KartWeek. We wish you a safe and Happy Holiday Season!!!!

Bridgestone Mfg Cup Series Prepping for Monster Daytona Event

CONCORD, NC - As part of the 3 major events taking place at the same time at Daytona International Speedway during Daytona KartWeek, the Bridgestone Manufacturers Cup Series is busting at the seams, as several major teams and manufacturers prepare for one of the most notable 2 Cycle Events in the country, the Margay Sprint Nationals at the World Center of Racing.

The series first stop at Daytona also doubles as the first event for the WKA Winter Cup Series, now beginning its second season of competition. As a result, 9 major classes will be featured at the season opener, including the very impressive Mini Swift class, boasting some of the best new, young talent in 2 cycle racing in America. In addition, the Pro Swift Sportsman class will be returning for 2017, as well as Yamaha Sportsman, Yamaha Junior, Yamaha Senior, Pro IAME Junior, and Pro IAME Senior, and LO206 Senior, which boasted 40 entries at Daytona 1 season ago. 1 additional class will be featured that will be a part of the 2017 Winter Cup Program, that being the very popular ROK Shifter Class.

In addition to the wealth of classes features, many sponsors, new and existing, will be a part of the 2017 season, including:



Allison Racing Engines

Comet Kart Sales



Woltjer Racing Engines

KartSport North America


New Jersey Sprint Series

Trinity Karting Group

Grand Products

Top Kart USA

McLaughlin Motorsports


Prior to the 2017 season getting underway, Champions, as well as many other special honorees will have the chance to claim their awards and merchandise from the 2016 season with the annual Awards Presentation taking place the evening of December 27 at the Ocean Breeze Club, on the shores of Daytona Beach.

Following Daytona, the series will head to Pittsburgh International Race Complex in May for stop #2 of the season, followed by the traditional July run at New Castle Motorsports Park in Indiana, then on to dairy country, with an August stop at Briggs & Stratton Raceway Park in Dousman, Wisconsin, culminating with the season finale in October in Race City USA, GoPro Motorplex in Mooresville, North Carolina.

The Winter Cup Program will remain in Florida for all 3 events, next heading to 103rd Street Sports Complex in Jacksonville, Florida in late February, ending with a stop at Ocala Gran Prix at the end of March. Here’s a look at the respective 2017 Schedules.

Bridgestone Mfg Cup Series:

Dec 27-30: Daytona International Speedway

May 19-21: Pittsburgh International Race Complex

July 14-16: New Castle Motorsports Park

August 25-27: Briggs & Stratton Raceway Park

Oct 13-15: GoPro Motorplex


Winter Cup Schedule:

Dec 27-30: Daytona International Speedway

Feb 24-26: 103rd Street Sports Complex

March 31-April 2: Ocala Gran Prix


Lastly, if you haven't visited TECH UPDATES under the main UPDATES tab, check it out. Whenever there is a new ruling or a clarification made by the trustees, this section will highlight and help communicate it to our WKA members.

To view the Margay Sprint Nationals schedule for Daytona, CLICK HERE.

To register ONLINE for the Margay Sprint Nationals, CLICK HERE.

To view the latest Tech Update, CLICK HERE.


New Location for Mfg Cup Year End Awards Presentation Set

CONCORD, NC - By virtue of the damage left due to Hurricane Matthew in the Daytona Beach area in October, officials of the Daytona Beach Resort, hosts of last year’s Awards Presentation for the Bridgestone Manufacturers Cup Series, regrettably will not be completed with repairs and renovation in time to be back open for the Dec 27 awards presentation this year.

As a result, WKA Officials have arranged a working agreement with the Ocean Breeze Club to host this year’s awards presentation, again on the same evening and times. Families and competitors who booked reservations with the Daytona Beach Resort have had their reservations respectively cancelled, at no charge.

Those wishing to stay at the Ocean Breeze Club that the banquet will be held at have until December 18 for the special room rate block.   


Ocean Breeze Club

640 N Atlantic Avenue

Daytona Beach, Florida 32118

Reservation Telephone Number

Direct: (386) 239-9800

Toll Free: (855) 212-3224

Group Code Name: World Karting Association (WKA)


Here are our special rates:

2 Queen Ocean Front with Privacy Balcony: $104.00 per night

2 Queen Ocean View with Private Balcony: $94.00 per night

No Resort Fees

Free Parking


View the updated Awards presentation information below:

Online Banquet RSVP: CLICK HERE

Paper Banquet RSVP: CLICK HERE