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Meeting Minutes of the Trustees' Annual Rules Meeting


CONCORD, NC - Although still reviewing a few rules, the Trustees held their annual face-to-face meeting to review the regulations in the WKA Tech Manual for 2019.  The intention is to get the book out earlier than in past years, as a benefit to the members.

Here  are some of the highlights that will take affect in 2019:

 - 2019 Manufacturers Cup Dates, Venues, and Classes

 - Kid Karts have been added to Daytona 

 - More flexible event requirements and points structure for Manufacturers Cup

 - Revise Camera Mounting Regulations on Karts to help racers

 - Addition of the Push-Back Bumpers in Manufacturers Cup

 - Clearer definition of Competition Age

 - Clearer definition of some Road Race Classes

 - Much more...

These regulation changes were reviewed and updated solely to benefit the racers, and make the Tech Manual more understandable and easier to follow.  Check back over the next couple of weeks for final 2019 Tech Manual updates as the Committees and Trustees continue to make WKA better for its members.

The meeting minutes have been posted to the documents page on the WKA website.  To access and read them now, click the button below:

Latest Meeting Minutes Posted


CONCORD, NC -  The latest conference call meeting minutes have been posted to the WKA website.  Click the button below to be taken to the minutes from the February 13th call.

January Conference Call Minutes Posted


CONCORD, NC - The most recent board of trustees conference call meeting minutes have now been posted on the WKA website.  To read them, click the button below. 

July Trustee Meeting Minutes Now Online

CONCORD, NC - The approved meeting minutes from the July 11 WKA Board of Trustees Conference Call are now available online at the WKA website. The Board recently conducted their August conference call, of which minutes will be made available, once approved by the WKA Trustees.

To view the July 11 meeting minutes, CLICK HERE.

April Board Meeting Minutes Now Available

CONCORD, NC - The minutes from the most recent WKA Board of Trustees Conference Call are now available to view online.

Minutes from the April 11 discussion can now be seen by going to the WKA web page, clicking Docs, then hitting Latest Meeting Minutes.

February Trustee Meeting Minutes Available Online

CONCORD, NC - The minutes of the first WKA Board of Trustees Conference for 2017 have been approved and are now online for review by the WKA Membership.

One of the many topics discussed were the results from the most recent edition of Daytona KartWeek, involving the Dunlop/Xeramic National Road Race Series, the Bridgestone Manufacturers Cup Series, and the WKA/Maxxis Speedway Dirt event.

The next Board of Trustees Meeting will be held in early March. Once approved, the minutes of that meeting will be made available to the membership online.

To view the February Meeting Minutes, CLICK HERE.