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Pre-Entry Deadline Approaching WKA Bridgestone Manufacturers Cup GoPro Motorplex, Mooresville, NC


CONCORD, NC - The much anticipated WKA Bridgestone Manufacturers Cup Grand Nationals is fast approaching, and so is the October 16th deadline for the pre-entry discount.  

In preparations for the 2019 racing season, WKA has added the highly anticipated Briggs 206 Cadet class as a local option for the event, as well as the KA100 Junior Category.  This is the perfect opportunity for those drivers to get some valuable track time in racing conditions by joining the regular Manufacturers Cup program.

In addition, season-long championship battles will be determined in all National Classes, and promoted on eKartingNews all weekend.  All classes are up for grabs as the series concludes its 2018 campaign in Mooresville, NC.

Also on the docket for the event is the Annual WKA Membership Meeting, immediately following Friday's practice sessions.

Go to for entry and event information or click the link below to register now.  See you in Mooresville!

Meeting Minutes of the Trustees' Annual Rules Meeting


CONCORD, NC - Although still reviewing a few rules, the Trustees held their annual face-to-face meeting to review the regulations in the WKA Tech Manual for 2019.  The intention is to get the book out earlier than in past years, as a benefit to the members.

Here  are some of the highlights that will take affect in 2019:

 - 2019 Manufacturers Cup Dates, Venues, and Classes

 - Kid Karts have been added to Daytona 

 - More flexible event requirements and points structure for Manufacturers Cup

 - Revise Camera Mounting Regulations on Karts to help racers

 - Addition of the Push-Back Bumpers in Manufacturers Cup

 - Clearer definition of Competition Age

 - Clearer definition of some Road Race Classes

 - Much more...

These regulation changes were reviewed and updated solely to benefit the racers, and make the Tech Manual more understandable and easier to follow.  Check back over the next couple of weeks for final 2019 Tech Manual updates as the Committees and Trustees continue to make WKA better for its members.

The meeting minutes have been posted to the documents page on the WKA website.  To access and read them now, click the button below:

Lloyd, Dyszelski, Williamson, Van Cleve, Meier, and Barthelemy Pull Out The Brooms at Barnesville


CONCORD, NC - The local hardware store in Barnesville, Georgia is stocking back up on brooms this week, following the sweep by 6 drivers this past weekend, as the RLV Tuned Exhaust Products Gold Cup Series stormed into the Lamar County Speedway for the Barnesville Bash, fending off the challenges of Hurricane Nate, and ending the season on a most positive note.

The first of 6 drivers to begin the cleanup process was Austin Williamson, who swept the action in the GT Machine Junior Pro Gas Class. Coming into the weekend, Williamson held the points lead over Elmer Edmonson and Brian Van Cleve. And with both those drivers on hand, there was little room for error, which Williamson prevented, taking the class both days, with the end result on the track, the same as that in the points, with Edmonson and Van Cleve chasing the Georgia driver across the stripe.

Well traveled 2 and 4 Cycle driver Danny Dyszelski used an open weekend on his schedule to come to Barnesville as well, taking both the Saturday and Sunday wins in the GT Machine Sportsman Pro Gas Class over Georgian Owen Lloyd. Dyszelski will now focus on his 2 cycle kart this weekend, running the Yamaha Sportsman and Mini Swift classes for the season ending Top Kart USA Grand Nationals for the Bridgestone Manufacturers Cup Series at GoPro Motorplex.

With winners from Georgia and North Carolina in the books, it was time for the state of Florida to come to the front, with veteran Sean Meier taking down the Target Distributing Senior LO206 class,  fending off the efforts of Jim Lipari and Tim Clark both days.

For Clark, his day was just starting, as the veteran racer pulled double duty in Senior competition on a very humid weekend, also running the Masters Senior class, with local product Bob Barthelemy taking down the field on both occasions. Jacksonville competitor Brad Farmer chased Barthelemy on both days to snare a pair of runnerup honors, with Clark third on day 1, while Steve Kiker made a return to competition, taking third on Day 2.

Brian Van Cleve also joined the ranks of the double threats over the weekend, sweeping the Water Medic Junior LO206 Class both days, taking down Austin Williamson and Kevin Lanyi each day. Like Williamson, Van Cleve came into the event with the points lead, and needed to maintain his win status to stay in front, which he did.

The most exciting events of the weekend came in the Boon and Sons Sportsman LO206 Class, where Georgia driver Owen Lloyd, the points leader coming into the event, had to deal with a 14 kart field, peppered with national and local competition. Lloyd was up to the task, taking down the field both days, topping Danny Dyszelski, Lane Littleton, Peyton Bridges, and Blake McGinnis on Day 1, while McGinnis, Bridges, and Clay Thompson chased Lloyd and Dyszelski across the stripe on the second day of competition.

Prior to the weekends points action, the Sportsman and Junior LO206 Classes participated in their annual Shootout races on Friday afternoon, with Kevin Lanyi topping Brian Van Cleve, Austin Williamson, and Elmer Edmonson in Junior action, while local product Peyton Bridges took down the field in the Sportsman LO206 Shootout, thus winning $100 for his efforts, while Danny Dyszelski and Owen Lloyd each earned a $50 payday by virtue of their 2nd and 3rd place finishes. Very special thanks to Arnold Lloyd for providing the special purse money for the drivers.

The Barnesville Bash officially concluded the 2017 season for the RLV Tuned Exhaust Products Gold Cup Series. Special thanks to so many, including:

RLV Tuned Exhaust Products: Art and Rod Verliengre

GT Machine: Dave and Sue Koehler

Coyote Racing Chassis: Mark and Jim Lipari

Boon and Sons: Matt and Dan Boon

Target Distributing: Joe Deboever

Briggs and Stratton: Dave Klaus

Water Medic: Rich Jackson

A very special thanks to all the competitors, fans, moms and dads, and so many others who always make a weekend at a Gold Cup event a most memorable occasion. On behalf of the World Karting Association, our sincerest thanks, and wishes for a wonderful holiday season!

Barnesville Bash is a Go!!!


CONCORD, NC - Despite unsubstantiated and unofficial rumors, World Karting Officials are proud to announce what they have been stating for several weeks. And that is the Barnesville Bash for the RLV Tuned Exhaust Products Gold Cup Series WILL RUN at Lamar County Speedway the weekend of October 6-8.

The event, which will kick off Friday with a full day of practice, followed by traditional Shootout races for Sportsman, Junior, and Senior LO206, will feature several national classes, including;

LO206/2 Cycle Kid Karts

GT Machine Junior Pro Gas

GT Machine Sportsman Pro Gas

Target Distributing Senior LO206

Water Medic Junior LO206

CIK LO206 Senior

Boon and Sons Sportsman LO206


Masters Senior

Coyote Racing Chassis Senior Pro Gas

Saturday and Sunday will feature practice, qualifying, a heat race, and final.

WKA will be sending down national race director Jayson Brown to oversee the weekends on track activities, while lead national 4 cycle tech director Bobby Gettys will also be on hand. Joining the crew will be WKA Director of Operations Buddy Long to call the weekends activities as well.

Awards and prizes to the weekends top 3 overall finishers will also be given out during the weekend, provided there are a minimum of 3 karts in each class. 

The Barnesville Bash will officially wrap up the 2017 Gold Cup season at one of Americas oldest and notorius sprint tracks in the country!!!!!

To view the Barnesville Entry Blank, CLICK HERE.

Pittsburgh Online Registration Now Open 

CONCORD, NC - With the WKA Winter Cup Series serving as the buffer between the Daytona Mfg Cup event back in December, and the race #2 May event at Pittsburgh International Race Complex, it will serve as a welcome sight for those who are specifically running the Bridgestone Manufacturers Cup Series solely, as the online registration for the Keystone State Nationals is now open.

Scheduled for May 19-21, the Pittsburgh event will also serve as a return for the Kid Kart program, which will be running as an exhibition class. For competitors in that class, the pit pass will also serve as the entry fee for that weekend. In addition to the Kid Karts, the full national slate of classes will be returning, including:

CIK LO206 Senior

Allison Racing Engines Yamaha Sportsman

Comet Racing Engines Yamaha Junior Yamaha Senior Mini Swift

IAME USA East Pro Swift Sportsman

Woltjer Racing Engines Pro IAME Junior

KartSport North America Pro IAME Senior

The return of the Money Races will also take place at Pittsburgh, with competitors in Pro Swift Sportsman, Pro IAME Junior and Senior running for paydays in the top 2, with a set of Bridgestone Tires going to the third-place finishers. Sportsman and Junior drivers will run for a $500 payday, given to the weekends overall champion, with $250 going to 2nd place. For Senior, $1,000 will go to the overall weekend winner, with $500 going to second.

The event will also mark another drawing for a Tillotson Generator, which will also be done during the Sunday afternoon podiums.

While Winter Cup Champions were just crowned, the points battle at Pittsburgh will be a result of the current points from the Margay Sprint Championships back in December at Daytona.

Here's a look at the top 5 in points in the respective classes, heading into Pittsburgh:

CIK LO206 Senior:

1 Corey Towles

2 Zach Linsell

3 Hunter Fox

4 Dustin Demattia

5 Mike Greiner


Allison Racing Engines Yamaha Sportsman:

1 Garrett Adams

2 William Robusto

3 Mateo Rubio-Luengo

4 Anderson Leonard

5 Logan Adams


Comet Racing Engines Yamaha Junior:

1 Elliott Budzinski

2 Tyler Ferris

3 Colin Neal

4 Emory Lyda

5 Finnegan Bayliff Yamaha Senior:

1 Alexander Kardashian

2 Braden Eves

3 Jake Venberg

4 Chris Slinden

5 Josh Fierke Mini Swift

1 Mateo Rubio-Luengo

2 Caleb Gafrarar

3 Calem Maloney

4 Alex Powell

5 Ben Maier


IAME USA East Pro Swift Sportsman:

1 Ashton Chilton

2 Santiago Trisini

3 Elio Giovane

4 Lucas Rodriguez

5 Anderson Leonard


Woltjer Racing Engines Pro IAME Junior:

Dylan Tavella

2 Zane Maloney

3 Pauly Massimino

4 Max Peichel

5 Oliver Calvo


KartSport North America Pro IAME Senior

1 AJ Myers

2 Brandon Jarsocrak

3 Jonathan Kotyk

4 Braden Eves

5 Austin McCusker


To register online for the Keystone State Nationals, CLICK HERE.