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A Few Daytona KARTWEEK Reminders

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CONCORD, NC - With the Daytona event just around the corner, we wanted to remind our members about a few items that have changed since last year and about some that need emphasizing: 

  1. All pets are required to be on a leash when in the pits and paddock area -- absolutely no pets allowed at anytime in any hot grid area's (Man-Cup -- Speedway Dirt -- Road Race)
  2. Sunoco 110 is the spec fuel for all gasoline spec fuel classes for two and four cycle -- this includes Man-Cup and Road Race
  3. For the Man-Cup series, the required mixing ratio is 8 ounces per gallon for all two cycle classes
  4. RUNNING ENGINES WHILE KART IS ON STAND:   Engines may only be run on kart stands in their assigned pit areas. They may not be run on the stand outside of the assigned pit area or while being rolled through the pits. Engines may be started on the grid when the karts are on the ground and the grid steward gives permission. This will be about one minute before the karts are allowed on the track.
  5. WKA MEMBERS ONLY IN TECH AREA:   All persons present in the engine tech area must be WKA members.
  6. Participants are reminded about 618.8 -- auxiliary carb return spring -- this is an important safety item -- please review -- this is a post tech item
  7. ENGINE TAGGING -- All engines running in the WKA Man-Cup competition must be sealed using the official WKA engine seal. Any modification, tampering or attempt to violate the spirit and intent of the engine tagging system will result in immediate disqualification. Said infraction will be reported to the board of Trustees and may results in further disciplinary action. All bolts and nuts involved in the sealing process must be thru drilled. Holes should be 3/32” minimum in diameter and should be de-burred or chamfered on the edges to avoid damage to the wire sealing device. The wire must pass through BOTH sides of the nut or bolts being used.
  • X30 Sr -- thru two head bolts
  • X30 Jr -- two head bolts and header strap
  • Micro Swift--head bolt and header nut
  • Mini Swift -- thru one head nut and opening in a fin
  • Yamaha -- two head bolts and muffler strap

(See photo's on page 87 of the new 2018 WKA Tech Manual)

8. 609.6.1 SPARK PLUGS -- X30 -- Allowable spark plugs -- NGK R6252K-105 --and-- NGK R6254E-105

  • For declared rain events -- NGK B10EG -- and-- NGK BR10EG may also be used 
  • This applies to sprint and road race

9. TAG ENGINE NOTES:  (E1)   IAME X30 no holes in clutch drum allowed

10. 214.6 IAME JUNIOR    spec restricted header is 26mm (changed from 2017 season)

11. Chassis tech sheet must be completed and turned in to obtain chassis seal PRIOR to entering the track -- this included having all four kart numbers in place -->> violation will be loss of one practice round

12. All divisions --> sprint -- speedway dirt -- road race ---> All bolt on ballast must be painted white and must be double nutted or safety clipped

Update on Recent Rules Clarification


CONCORD, NC - With regards to the recent Pit Board that went out September 7 pertaining to a clarification to the steering hub attachment system, after reviewing the existing rules, as per the 2017 WKA Technical Manual, World Karting will be enforcing these existing rules for the remainder of the 2017 season and the rule will be totally rewritten for the 2018 season.  World Karting apologizes for the confusion in this matter, as well as any inconvenience this may have caused.

Rules Clarification Regarding Hollow Shaft Locking System

CONCORD, NC - WKA Officials have recently clarified that the Thru Bolt Hub Locking System, which is used for the Hollow Shaft, is not acceptable with the solid 5/8 shaft system.

For competitors who run WKA National Classes, please refer to the rule that pertains to your series below for further clarification:

Gold Cup: 254.2.1

Road Race Laydown: 304.2.1

Road Race Sprint: 354.2.1

Speedway Dirt: 404.2.1

Speedway Pavement: 454.2.1

Get To Know WKA Team Member: Lynn Haddock

CONCORD, NC - Perhaps you don't recognize him without his famous toothpick, but this week's WKA Team spotlight is on the WKA Hall of Fame award-winning and tech guy extraordinaire, Lynn Haddock.  Lynn has over 40 years of racing in his blood and closer to 50 years of technical karting experience. He is also the Vice-President of 2-cycle in the WKA. Read on to learn more about the racer turned tech king in his interview below.

How many years have you been in the racing world (Either a racer, fan, working for a racing organization)?  

"Since 1958."

How long have you raced? 

"I raced for 40 years straight, from 1958 until 1998."

What made you want to work for the WKA?  

"I love the sport of karting, love the people and to just have fun."

What does a day in the life of you look like at a WKA race?  

"I hang out in the tech area at the races."

What is your favorite racing series to watch?  

"Formula 1 and NHRA drag racing."

What do you enjoy most about WKA races?  

" I enjoy the people and the intense competitive attitude they bring to the arena."

Which race has been your most memorable so far, and why?  

"Winning the 1978 World Championships with driver Lake Speed (I was the mechanic)."

Is there anything else you’d like to share? 

"As a driver, I won over 100 National championships in IKF, WKA and PKA -- I raced in two cycle, four cycle, sprint, enduro, speedway and road race on both dirt and asphalt -- this includes over 35 Duffy awards in the IKF."

Homologation Update

CONCORD, NC - The WKA Board of Trustees has announced that homologation is now open for engines less than 125cc for the 2018 racing season.

Rules and Procedures may be found in item 117.1.1 in the 2017 WKA Tech Manual.

Due to the late announcement, the May 1st deadline has been extended to June 1st.