CONCORD, NC - The meat of the WKA Vega/TS Racing National Road Racing schedule kicked into gear June 13 and 14 with the first of three national events for the Woodbridge Kart Club, two of those at the legendary Summit Point Motorsports Park in West Virginia.

And while son Chris made his return to the WKA Gold Cup Series the weekend prior down in Kershaw, South Carolina, Rob Wells made a triumphant return behind the wheel as well, taking three national events wins in the Spring Nationals.

Wells swept the Van K Wheels Animal Masters 410 Finals 1 and 2, as well as taking top honors in the Animal 385 Class on Sunday. In the first final for the Animal Masters 410, Wells topped Robert Garland Sr and William Lewis, while Jerry Beasom and Steve

Johnson chased Wells across the stripe in Sundays final. Wells polished off the triple win weekend, besting Garland and Blake Beattie in the Animal 385 class.

In other action, Justin Sanders came away with top honors in The Agile Group 100cc Controlled Final 1 class, while Clark Gaynor Jr turned back the efforts of Ian Bushey in the Streeter Super Stands Stock Leopard Sprint Final 1. Travis Miller was the big winner in the KALL Racing Formula 100 Final 1, edging Michael Tracy and Paul Wyzga.

Wyzga improved one spot in the Millers Dyno Time Racing Formula 100 Final 2, but still fell short of the top spot on the podium, placing second behind Ian Morgan. Scott Clark was the big winner in a stout field of drivers in the CKI sponsored Yamaha Sportsman Medium class, edging Zach Clark and Tim Linthicum. Morgan was one of many dual winners on the weekend, coming back to take the 100cc Controlled Final 2 class, while William Anderson claimed the Matthei Material Handling Yamaha Heavy class over Yamaha Medium winner David McCauley.

The series heads to Virginian International Raceway this weekend for the Summer Nationals. Activity gets underway Friday with a full day of practice from 8:30am to 4pm with Local Option classes running at 4:30. On Saturday, Group Practice begins at 8am with the days first main event to kick off at 11am. Sundays schedule is a little modified as practice will begin at 8am, then the first race of the day will be at 10:15am. The track will observe quiet time at 11am, resuming the balance of the days activities at 12:05pm.

To view the VIR weekend schedule, click here

Here’s a look at the rest of the weekends results from Summit Point.


Yamaha Sportsman Sprint Final 1
1 Louis Magiera
2 Dan Febbroriello
Animal 385 Final 1
1 Brent Hadden
2 Rob Wells
3 Blake Beattie
Animal Junior Sprint Lite
1 Abbie Tobin
2 Croix Beasom
WKA Sprint Final 1
1 George Williams
2 AJ Ellis
Clone/LO206 360 Final 1
1 Ben Thomason
2 Peter Mazzarella
Yamaha Sportsman Lite
1 Zack Clark
2 Tim Linthicum
3 Brandon Schenkel
Junior Enduro Lite
Kent Vaccaro
Yamaha Sprint Final 1
1 Daniel Justice
2 Dan Febbroriello
3 Santiago De Gopegui
Animal Sprint 360 Final 1
1 Zach Linsell
2 David Clevenger
3 Brent Hadden
Junior Sprint Lite
1 Amy Hollowell
Clone/LO206 385 Final 1
1 Joseph Cuslidge
2 Peter Mazzarella
Yamaha Medium
1 David McCauley
Stock Honda 1
1 Byron Rothenhoefer
2 Brian Fisher
3 Christopher Hines
125 Shifter Final 1
1 Donald Santini
2 Thomas DuPont
Pro Gas Animal Final 1
1 Stephen Wheatley
Animal Limited Modified Final 1
1 Josh Dan
Yamaha Sportsman Heavy
1 Zack Clark
2 Scott Clark
3 Bill Holder
100cc Pipe Heavy
1 William Morsberger
2 Anthony Vaccaro
100cc Pipe Medium
1 Scott Gore
WKA Sprint Final 2
1 AJ Ellis
2 Dan Febbroriello
3 Guy Brown
Animal Junior Sprint Heavy
1 Croix Beasom
2 Abbie Tobin
Clone/LO206 360 Final 2
1 Ben Thomason
2 Peter Mazzarella
Stock Honda 2
1 Christopher Hines
2 Byron Rothenhoefer
3 Steven Waddell
125 Shifter Final 2
1 Donald Santini
Unlimited Final 2
1 George Sunderland
100cc Controlled Final 2
1 Ian Morgan
2 Justin Sanders
3 Michael Tracy
Junior Enduro Heavy
1 Kent Vaccaro
Stock Leopard Sprint Final 2
1 Clark Gaynor
2 Ian Bushey
3 AJ Ellis
Yamaha Sprint Final 2
1 Louis Magiera
2 Daniel Justice
3 Santiago De Gopegui
Animal Sprint 360 Final 2
1 Zach Linsell
2 Stephen Wheatley
3 David Clevenger
Clone/LO206 385 Final 2
1 Joseph Cuslidge
2 Robert John
Junior Sprint Heavy
1 Amy Hollowell
Pro Gas Animal Final 2
1 Stephen Wheatley