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Sponsor Spotlight:


CONCORD, NC - Based in New Berlin, Wisconsin, long-time WKA Supporter has been widely known as the family-run operation that helps Karters succeed in racing.  Importer of the Merlin Chassis brand, and exclusive importer of Tillett Racing Seats and Safety Apparel, along with Driveline Sprockets, the father son due of George and Jamie Sieracki have a passion to help the people of the sport, by making them the best racers they can be.

Franklin George and Jamie.PNG

In addition to a wide array of karting parts, offers coaching and training for drivers wishing to hone their race craft, as well as a full-fledged factory-supported karting team that travels locally and nationally to better service the karting public, offering track-side support at many of the events around the country.

Franklin Shop.PNG

From Sprint to Road Racing, Speedway to Club Racing, focuses on getting the right kart for the right drivers, with fine-tuned engines, and specialized help with driver skill.


Phone: 262-814-5400

Sponsor Spotlight: AMK Products


How long has AMK Race Products been around, and who founded it?

AMK Race Products was officially registered in April of 2015.  However, the father and son team of Chris and Alexander Kardashian (co-founders and co-owners) have been racing, tuning, analyzing data, coaching drivers, offering advice, and lending a helping hand since Alexander began racing in 2006. With its roots in Minnesota, AMK markets, sells, supports and races Top Kart karts in the Midwest while also offering apparel, trackside support and driver coaching.  AMK Race Products was formed to provide an outlet to share our passion for motorsports.  It’s not a part of our life; it is our way of life.


How long have you been a sponsor of the WKA and what brought you into the karting world? 

This is our first year sponsoring a WKA event although our main driver, Alexander Kardashian, has been participating in WKA for several years.  The need for all things speedy hooked Chris on racing and he shared his passion for it with Alexander.  And now, Chris and Alexander want to share their passion with other families and karting enthusiasts.

Are there any WKA racers you sponsor and would like to highlight?

We have several drivers that are helping us navigate the course of being a new company.  AMK-sponsored racers at ManCup Events include:  Alexander Kardashian (Minnesota), Brandon Lemke (Wisconsin), Carter Pease (Illinois), Chris Slinden (Minnesota), Jordan Bachmeyer (North Carolina), Kiara Stai (Minnesota), and Nate Dean (Minnesota).

What's going on right now with AMK, and where is he company going in the future? 

AMK Race Products has received the Top Kart USA Top Sales Award every year since its inception (two consecutive years 2015 and 2016).  We have our sights set on achieving it for a third time this year and are keeping pace to do so.  During this same 2-year period, Top Kart and AMK have become the dominant race package at our local track, Stockholm Karting Center, in Cokato, MN. 

Is there anything else you would like to add that people should know about AMK Race Products?  

We work hard.  We play hard. We take customer satisfaction very personally. 

To read more about AMK Race Products and what they offer, check out their website and social media accounts:



Sponsor Spotlight: Competition Karting Inc.

How long has the company been around, and who founded it?

We have been in business for over 55 years!

In 1959, Dan Klutz worked for Doss and Sons of Winston-Salem, NC and began servicing kart engines. By 1973, Competition Karting Specialties opened as a division of Doss and Sons. In 1978, Dan and Lewis Dowell purchased it and renamed it Competition Karting, Inc. In January 2016, John Klutz, son of Dan Klutz, and wife Wendy became the owners of CKI.

In 1959, Dan Klutz worked for Doss & Sons of Winston-Salem, NC

How long have you been a sponsor of the WKA and what brought you into the karting world?

We have been a sponsor of WKA since its origination. Dan Klutz was one of the original Board members. John has served on the Board and is a current Trustee.

What's going on right now with the company, and where is it going in the future?

John and Wendy say, they are excited about the ownership of CKI. The business is located at 2111 Gumtree Road, Winston-Salem, NC. We are your one-stop-shop for all your karting needs! This year, we released our new dirt chassis the Laser STORM. CKI has a chassis available for all styles of racing: dirt, asphalt, and road race. John has been the WKA Road Race Manufacturer of the Year for 10 years! Not only do we provide racers with a winning chassis, we also provide horsepower (4 and 2 cycle) that will take racers to victory lane. A racer’s quest for speed starts here, too! We continue to strive to be on the cutting edge of the karting industry. For us, Karting is a way of life! Please join CKI, and let us assist you with all your karting needs!

Ways you can connect with Competition Karting Inc:




Sponsor Spotlight: Tillotson Racing

How long has Tillotson been around and who founded the company?

Tillotson was founded in 1914 so it is over 100years old! The company originated in Toledo, Ohio however manufacturing has since moved to Tralee in County Kerry, Ireland. It was originally part of the Borg Warner Group however it was taken over by the Demirco Group in the 1970’s.

Tillotson is famous for developing the first diaphragm carburetor which revolutionized the lawn and garden industry but also found its way into the karting industry. Diaphragm carburetors have since become the standard in kart racing and Tillotson continues to develop their products to suit the specific engine requirements for the Karting market.

How long have you been a sponsor of the WKA and what brought you into the karting world?

Tillotson has sponsored the WKA since 2014. We are the carburetor supplier to engine manufacturer IAME which is the engine used in the WKA series.

What's going on right now with Tillotson and where is the company going in the future? 

Our engineers at Tillotson are continuously developing our carburetors to improve both performance and ease of use. We have been working closely with IAME to help roll out their KA10, Mini Swift, X30, Super X30 and X30 Super Shifters in the US, Europe and Australia.  We have spent thousands of hours in testing and development to make sure the carburetion provides consistent results and is easy to tune.  We are also developing new technologies for open classes and at the international CIK FIA level in the OK categories.  We’ve been having great success there, with our product helping to win the 2016 CIK FIA World Championship. We have some exciting new developments particularly for the USA market which will be announced later this year or early next year.

To read or learn more about Tillotson Racing, check out their website and FB page below:

Sponsor Spotlight:


What exactly does CRP Racing do?

CRP Racing is a full service kart shop. We carry parts and kart accessories, safety gear (from kid karts to adult) and everything in between.

How long has the company been around and who founded it?

CRP Racing has been around since 2002 and was founded by Kevin Harter. In 2013 it was purchased by Brian Erickson and then sold to John Grim in February 2017.

How long have you been a sponsor of the WKA and what brought you into the karting world?

CRP Racing has been a sponsor for a few years now and we are always at the races as our son, Aryton Grim, races as well.

Are there any WKA racers who you sponsor and would like to highlight?

Aryton Grim, Addison Ianniello & Riley Erickson

What are your plans for the future of CRP Racing?

We are working on expanding our product lines, building our clientele, and expanding our presence all over the United States.  We are working on creating lasting relationships with our vendors and our customers.

To see more information about CRP Racing, please go to their website and like their Facebook page:

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