2 Tech Updates 1/21/18


103.2.1  Competition Age

ADD: If a driver has a birthday in the coming year that would allow him to race in a class senior to the one he is eligible for, he may do so at the beginning of the season.  Any racing events occurring after Dec. 25th of the previous year are considered the next competition year.


214.1   Kid Karts  

Delete "demo class"    

under FUEL --  add spec fuel as defined on the entree blank  (same as all other classes) 

under OTHER --   delete item #2

2 Tech Updates 12/18/17


618.9   Air leaks in castings may be repaired externally using epoxy or other sealing materials -- any repairs of this nature must be reported to tech officials before the event begins.

625.4.1   Inlet Tract Gaskets -- all gaskets in the inlet tract are 0.010” No-Go thickness. (effective Feb. 15, 2018)

3 Tech Updates 12/3/17


1) Page 106 / 626.6 - two tubes 0.871" no-go --> change to 0.905" no-go

2) Page 105 / 625.13 - exhaust restrictor MINI-SWIFT --> change to MICRO-SWIFT   

3) Page 18   add: - Karts / Engine / Safety Equipment     

Equipment may be inspected at anytime during an event  (also see 751.4.1)