50-Kart Challenge Set for WKA Daytona Kartweek in Yamaha Senior Laydown Class

Beginning from a rally on social media amongst karters, a challenge has been extended to all Road Racers of single Yamaha karts for the ’50-Kart Challenge.’ A throwback from years past where 50-karts in Yamaha Senior was the norm, WKA competitors are working together to bring more participation back to the Road Racing platform.

“Any event that is started by racers rallying together, WKA will support,” explained WKA President Kevin Williams. “We are thrilled to be the host for the 50-kart challenge and look forward to seeing this awesome assembly of laydowns fight it out this year.”

Competing in a one-day event at the Daytona international Speedway on day one of racing for the WKA Kartweek, the 50-Kart Challenge is slated for December 29th. Typically the largest laydown class in WKA Road Racing, the challenge has been met with open arms by teams and competitors. Additionally, multiple prizes continue to come together through the Karting Community and the list continues to grow.

Prize List:
1st – $500 Cash Prize (Donated by Mark McNaught)
3rd – Set of Vega tires
5th – Free engine/carb/pipe vapor blasting (Greene Motorsports)
6th – Set of Vega tires
7th – $100 Gift Certificate (TS Racing)
8th – $100 Gift Certificate (Comet Kart Sales)
9th – $75 Gift Certificate (TS Racing)
10th – $50 Gift Certificate (TS Racing)
12th – $75 Gift Certificate (Comet Kart Sales)
18th – Free engine/carb/pipe vapor blasting (Greene Motorsports)
20th – $50 Gift Certificate (Comet Kart Sales)
35th – Free engine/carb/pipe vapor blasting (Greene Motorsports)
**Based on specific finishing positions for December 29, 2020

Additional prizes will be offered via a random draw at the event:
Full set of Bodywork (McZero’s Fabrication)
Yamaha Belt Drivers (Hegar Manufacturing)
Rev Clean Racing castor products (Brian Wilhelm)
Allen Cox Racing prize package – Dumonde Tech clutch oil, ACR swag, a few other items (Allen Cox Racing)
Fade to Black Canvas Print (Jennifer Henry/Fade to Black Photography)
Hoosier Tires Products – free set of tires, shirts, hats (Hoosier Tires)
New Yamaha KT100 Engine (Yamaha Motorsports)
$200 certificate towards custom graphics or custom helmet paint job (Canham Graphics)
New non-subscription transponder (MyLaps)
Blendzall oil products (Blendzall Motorsports Racing)
New L4 Pipe (RLV)
Carbon/Kevlar Engine Guard (LAD)

These prizes for specialty awards:
$50 Gift Certificate – Lap 1 Hard Charger Award –> Driver who passes the most karts on Lap 1 (Dirt Worx)
Kwikset Carb Adjuster – Highest Finisher not running a carb trigger (RRR Racing)
$50 Gift Certificate to Rapid Racing – Driver who turns the fastest lap time (Rapid Racing)
Hard Charger Award for the driver who passes the most karts from start to finish (Rudy Francek)
2005 Margay Chassis with full bodywork – drivers can nominate any Junior driver looking to make the transition to laydown racing (Paul Plank)

Williams added, “The support from the karting industry has been tremendous and we look forward to helping grow this race, maybe even to an annual event.”

Stay tuned for more news, information and announcements coming from the World Karting Association in the coming weeks.