#Racelife Spotlight: Karting is Much More Than Just Racing

Karting events aren’t only about what happens on the track. It’s what happens between the families and within yourself. It’s about developing yourself and being part of something greater than yourself all at once. This amazing sport provides opportunities for growth, sense of achievement, and fond memories both as an individual and as a family. However, there can be times when the frustration, disappointment or anger take over and seemingly blot out all the good.

We would like to share some of the “good” we have received that often goes unspoken. We hope that this letter resonates with you and your family and not only brings back special memories for you, but encourages you to create more of these memories. All racers have some hard times, but it’s the good times and memories that bring us back.

“I would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation and gratitude for all of the extra efforts made by you and your Team to organize, coordinate, facilitate and officiate one of the best karting activities ever! Our family experience at Daytona in December resulted in perhaps the best Kart Week ever in our karting journey with Cam both on the track as well as off the track.

It is difficult to put into words that describe the memories that we are making as well as others as we watch families come together in not only the thrill of victories but are there for each other even when not so victorious. This sport seems to provide the highest of highs and often the lowest of lows however in a good way. We learn to enjoy the wins as well as accept the losses. In all cases we always get something to take away for us both young and... not so young. 😉

In closing, I have attached a few photos of ‘Family’ that are priceless and reflect how much more significance your events add off the track just as much as on the track.”

WKA appreciates your kind words, Steve, and we are glad that you have felt the significance off track as much as on track. And you are right, all ages can benefit from these events. There are always opportunities at the track to take on a role of support, mentor, mechanic, or friend. Thank you for reminding us.

It is clear karting provides opportunities for...

Meeting new friends & families
Supporting new friends
Learning new skills in teaching others
Strengthening your
family bond
Practicing your faith