WKA Board Approves Helmet Cameras

The World Karting Association (WKA) Board of Trustees have approved the use of helmet cameras effective immediately in all series that they operate or promote. As many helmet manufacturers continue to evolve their products, WKA has worked diligently to get ahead of this process and make these helmets legal to use.

“The technology that is coming is leaps and bounds ahead of where we ever expected to be several years ago,” explained WKA President Kevin Williams. “While many competitors already capture video footage via external cameras, the new internal helmet cams are making an increased appearance around the globe.”

With the technical update, WKA stresses that the internal helmet cameras are approved on an OEM basis and that no modifications can be made to a current helmet to install a camera.

Williams added, “Helmets are the single most important safety device on a racer, and we need to make sure that the competitors know that this rule is for new helmets with cameras already installed from the manufacturer and not for existing helmets with after-market cameras.”

The following is an update to the 2021/2022 WKA Tech Manual, section 115.1.1 – HELMET CAMERAS


Change to:
Cameras may not be mounted on helmets in any way if the helmet has been manufactured (OEM) without a camera. Cameras embedded in helmets during the manufacturing process are permissible ONLY if the helmet is FIA Homologated and listed in FIA Presentation Forms for Advanced Helmets, Standards 8858, 8859, and 8860.

Please view more information on the new tech update by clicking HERE.