WKA Changes Date and Venue for the Next Southern Gold Cup Round

Responding to the schedules of multiple events, the World Karting Association (WKA) recognized that far too many events were scheduled on top of each other, forcing racers into the tough decision of choosing one event over another.  As a result, WKA made an aggressive decision to get out of that multiple-event pool to help the racers with their schedules.

The date and venue of the June 2-4 Gold Cup South event will be moved to June 23-25, and the venue will change to 103rd Street Complex in Jacksonville, Florida. The previously scheduled Kershaw date will now be the previously scheduled July 14-16 event.

“As an organization, we go to painstaking lengths to provide a schedule that avoids conflicts on a big-picture scale for all our National Programs,” explained WKA President Kevin Williams. “Sadly, some privateer for-profit organizations do not always exercise that much care. So, we are moving one of our heavily booked dates to a date that has zero 4-cycle events. A win-win for the racers.”

In addition to this focus on the racer, WKA still promotes the racer-friendly Tire Rules of one set per racer (per entered class). Friday will still have five rounds of practice per class at Jacksonville. Then racers can take a morning break, as the Saturday start time isn’t until 11am giving anyone who cannot attend Friday’s practice the opportunity to come Saturday and still participate in two rounds of practice before qualifying and wheel-to-wheel racing begins.

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