WKA Confirms June and July Events to Replace Charlotte Karting Challenge and Bring Karting Community Together

With COVID-19 news dominating the airwaves, World Karting Association (WKA) officials have been burning up the phone lines in an effort to make it easier for competitors once karting returns. Working with officials from ROK Cup USA, United States Rotax MAX Challenge as well as the WKA Manufacturers Cup, Speedway Dirt Series and Road Racing Series, a five-event, four-week schedule at the Charlotte Motor Speedway has been confirmed bringing unity to karting.

“My team has worked tirelessly to come up with solutions for postponed events, and we have engaged with other series to make this happen,” explained WKA President Kevin Williams. “Our goal was not to force the racer into a decision, but more importantly, provide events that were easy to travel to during back-to-back weekends and save money in these difficult times. WKA is designed to promote and help grow the sport, and this was an opportunity to push that even more. Much like the country is coming together, we need to be unified in karting, and I feel we have been able to put our best foot forward in this process. It does not matter about the tire, the engine, the kart or the series, this is about making it easier for the teams and competitors.”

Forced to reschedule the April 17th – 19th Charlotte Karting Challenge events, the races are now scheduled over two weekends and will take place at Charlotte Motor Speedway. The second round of the WKA Manufacturers Cup will take place over the June 26th – 28th weekend on the sprint track while the WKA Speedway Dirt Series and WKA Road Racing Series will take place over the July 3rd – 5th weekend. Additionally, the United States Rotax Grand Nationals event will take place on the newly resurfaced sprint course inside Charlotte Motor Speedway over the Fourth of July weekend, moving their event from the Pittsburgh International Race Complex.

Williams added, “We have worked closely with our partners at the Charlotte Motor Speedway and will be running the Road Racing Series Friday practice under the lights, something new for all involved. This is a game changer and something new from WKA as we look to evolve with the sport. Additionally, taking place on the Fourth of July weekend, there will be some added excitement to our event as we celebrate Independence Day as well as our return to karting. Charlotte Motor Speedway has also graciously offered free and secure trailer storage should teams and drivers be interested in leaving equipment on site as they travel to and from events. More information will be available for this in a few weeks.”

The WKA Manufacturers Cup program will return to the Charlotte Motor Speedway later in July on the already announced weekend of July 24th – 26th while the ROK Cup USA ROK Fest East race will take place July 31st to August 2nd. Both of these track layouts will differ from the June 26th to 28th event weekend.

“Bringing the Rotax racing brand back to the American market with the correct service, distribution and long-range planning structure has been a key focal point for us at J3,” added Justin Stefani. “Our renewed partnership with WKA will allow us to govern the sporting regulations and promotions segments of the Rotax platform while being able to work alongside our fellow industry members to create stability and confidence to each and every competitor.”

“We are working very closely with our partners at Charlotte Motor Speedway to make sure that we have everything covered,” explained WKA Chairman of the Board Mike Tetreault. “This is a structured and unified approach to do what is the best possible scenario for the competitor all while providing cost saving measures. I am personally making myself available to answer logistical questions for both the event and the facility as I am in constant contact with Charlotte Motor Speedway on a regular basis.”

Along with the newly announced schedule comes a new award from the World Karting Association for drivers competing in both rounds of the Manufacturers Cup, the United States Rotax Grand Nationals and the ROK Cup USA ROK Fest East events.

Williams continued, “Any driver that can stand on the podium in all four event weekends will receive a special ‘Samie Borsuk Ironman Award’ and we will provide more details on that in the coming weeks. Any driver that can win all four events will receive an extra special bonus from the WKA…stay tuned!”

Charlotte Motor Speedway Race Dates:
June 26-28 – WKA Manufacturers Cup – Round #2
July 2-5 – US Rotax Grand Nationals
July 3-5 – WKA Speedway Dirt Series and WKA Road Racing Series
July 24-26 – WKA Manufacturers Cup – Round #3
July 31-August 2 – ROK Cup USA ROK Fest East

Remote Office Reminder:
Due to government mandates on the shelter-in-place order, the World Karting Association staff will be working remotely until that order is lifted. The WKA staff will continue to service their members and tracks by calling the remote office phone number 609-326-3741 or via email to mike@worldkarting.com. Additionally, members and tracks can always log onto the WKA Facebook page as updates will be posted on there as they are made available.