WKA Lowers Entry Fees for New Castle Event to Stimulate Local Participation

With the next round of the World Karting Association (WKA) Manufacturers Cup still over a month away, Series Officials have been hard at work looking for ways to grow the sport. Welcoming new people into karting via their Kid Kart efforts and younger programs, WKA is stimulating the national level for local participants to come out and race at their New Castle Motorsports Park.

“We are welcoming any and all New Castle Motorsports Park KRA members to come out and race at their home track without having to purchase a WKA membership,” explained WKA’s Mike Tetreault. “At a time when everything in the world is going up in pricing, we are decreasing costs to the end user. Our new lower entry fees and new tire rules have been put in place to help promote local participation, and we hope to see all the KRA members come out and compete.”

The New Castle Motorsports Park will also feature new Vega Tire rules for Cadet and 206 Classes. WKA has listened to our racers’ feedback, and we are now allowing our competitors in Cadet and 206 Classes to scan their new tires and still use them prior to qualifying. New tire rule information below:

  • Cadet and 206 classes must scan in one (1) NEW Set of VEGA Red tires prior to qualifying. These tires can be used after being scanned for practice sessions if the driver chooses. Scanned tires will be the only tires allowed in qualifying and race sessions.
  • KA Junior and Senior must scan in one (1) NEW Set of VEGA Green tires with the option to scan an additional front and rear VEGA Green tire if the driver chooses prior to qualifying. Scanned tires must be NEW starting with the first qualifying session. The additional front and rear can be used at the driver’s discretion.
  • Only Legal Rain Tire will be VEGA W6 Compound.
  • New Tires will need to be brought to tech prior to qualifying for scanning for all classes except Margay Ignite.
  • Kid Karts will need to bring NEW or USED VEGA Red tires to tech for scanning prior to qualifying

Links to event information:

  • Track Layout – Click HERE
  • Entry Blank – Click HERE
  • Event Timeline – Click HERE
  • Event Parking – Please contact Mike Adams at New Castle Motorsports Park – 765.987.8090

For more information on the World Karting Association, please contact Mike Tetreault at Mike@worldkarting.com or by phone to 609.326.3741.