WKA Manufacturers Cup and WKA America Event Combined and Set to Take Place at Whiteland Raceway Park with New Date

In an ever-evolving 2020 schedule due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the overlapping of race dates across the country, the World Karting Association (WKA) has combined a pair of events to alleviate a race weekend and potentially decrease costs for teams and competitors. Originally scheduled to take place at the Orlando Kart Center, the final round of the WKA Manufacturers Cup will join WKA America in the heart of the Midwest at Whiteland Raceway Park on the October 23-25 weekend. The combined event will see a reduced class structure, reduced entry costs and a host of prizes on the table for the start of the 2021 race season.

“For the best interest in the sport, it was the perfect opportunity to free up a race weekend and combine a pair of our events,” expressed WKA President Kevin Williams. “Whiteland Raceway Park has been on the rise since the change in ownership to Sarah Fischer and Andy O’Gara, and they have established a strong program and have been a huge supporter of the WKA efforts. We thank them for all of their hard work and can’t wait to see them in late October.”

With a host of WKA National Classes as well as Whiteland Raceway Park Local Option Classes on the schedule, it will be a jam-packed weekend of racing.

WKA National Classes
Kid Kart
Micro ROK
Mini Swift
206 Cadet
100cc Junior
100cc Senior
X30 Junior

Whiteland Local Option Classes
206 Senior
206 Master
Kid Kart Novice
206 Junior
Yamaha Senior

Williams added, “With the addition of some Local Option Classes, we have dropped a few race divisions that were not well attended this season. There will still be plenty of racing with thirteen different divisions and with reduced entry costs and prizes for every class including money races, free entries and pit passes as well as race tires for the opening event of the Manufacturers Cup program in 2021, there are several opportunities to walk away a winner. You won’t want to miss the special WKA America inaugural trophies either!”

Unfortunately, several WKA classes will not be offered at the final event of 2020 and will also not be available for yearend prizes. These classes include Mini ROK, ROK Senior, ROK Master, ROK Shifter and ROK Shifter Master. The ROK Junior class will not be run but Jeremy Fletcher has been crowned the national champion and will receive the WKA Manufacturers Cup prize package.