WKA, Rotax and ROK Cup USA Set Guidelines for Karting Return to Charlotte Motor Speedway Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

With karting making a return across the country, the World Karting Association (WKA) has been working closely with the Charlotte Motor Speedway on guidelines required by the local state government in regard to upcoming events. With all karting series competing inside the Speedway regulated by the same rules and guidelines, WKA has taken the lead to organize and implement the necessary precautions to keep teams and competitors safe as we look to end this global pandemic.

“Working with Speedway officials and in communication with our neighboring events, the ROK Cup USA ROK Fest and the Rotax Grand Nationals, we have come up with a plan for our upcoming events and are ready to move forward,” stated Kevin Williams. “With the state of North Carolina already into phase one of their three phase program, things are looking positive to enter phase two on May 23rd, just before the annual NASCAR Coca-Cola 600 at the same facility. Barring a major disaster or nationwide setback, we are ready to race and will do so with multiple events at the legendary speedway.”\

With WKA Manufacturers Cup, WKA Speedway Dirt Series and the WKA Road Racing along with the Rotax Grand Nationals opening up their online registration this week, ROK Cup USA will open their registration in June. Online entry will close ten days prior to the first on track day for all series as entry numbers will need to be tabulated and communicated to the Speedway.

There will be no walk-up entries at the track. WKA Road Racing Series participants will only need to register for one class in advance. Additional classes/divisions may be entered at track as per the rule book. While we encourage the WKA Speedway Dirt Series competitors to pre-enter and save money to forgo the at track fee, it is not mandatory as they compete outside the confines of the Speedway. Trackside registration will take place for the WKA Speedway Dirt Series with strict social distancing rules.

All WKA sanctioned series, ROK Cup USA ROK Fest and Rotax events will enforce the same pre-entry guidelines and all series will be required to follow the rules and regulations put forth by the state and federal governments.

The World Karting Association is anxious to get back to the track to see our karting family. We must proceed with the utmost caution and follow the rules set by our government. Our goal is to put on the best events possible, with the least amount of interruptions and inconvenience to our customers all while working hand in hand with you to ensure an ease of transition back to the new normal.

Please do not hesitate to contact the World Karting Association for any reason. For more information on the World Karting Association, please contact WKA at info@worldkarting.com or visit www.worldkarting.com.