World Karting Association Creates New Road Racing Laydown Class for Their National Program

Listening to the recommendations and insights from their customers, the World Karting Association (WKA) has introduced a new laydown class for the National Road Racing program beginning in Daytona and continuing onward for years to come. Dubbed the 100cc Laydown Air Cooled Tag class, drivers age sixteen and older will be able to take advantage of engines that they may already have in inventory or that are easily accessible to compete at the highest level of road race karting within the United States.

“WKA is always looking for new and creative ways to attract new road racers,” explained WKA President Kevin Williams. “Utilizing engine packages that are readily available and easy to maintain is a great start, and the Vortex ROK VLR and IAME KA100 packages offer just that. We are hopeful this class will be a solution for karters to grow into Road Racing, while offering a simple package for current road racers to stay in the sport.”

Introducing the new class on the 2021 national calendar, the ROK and IAME platforms are two of the most readily available engine packages in North American karting. The spec class program will follow the guidelines of both manufacturers with the idea that the 100cc Laydown Air Cooled Tag class will provide some competitive wheel-to-wheel events while putting both platforms up against one another in an equal playing field. Beginning at the opening round of the 2021 season at the world-famous Daytona International Speedway, 100cc Laydown Air Cooled Tag drivers will have the opportunity to race the high banks of one of the world’s most legendary racetracks.

100cc Laydown Air Cooled Tag Class Structure:
Driver Requirements: Age 16 and Older, Road Race Class Three License
Weight: 400 lbs
Engines: IAME KA100 and Vortex VLR
Engine Tech per the WKA rulebook for Manufacturers Cup class
Carb: As specified by WKA Rulebook for Manufacturers Cup class
Starter system components/battery may be removed, or used, competitor’s choice
Exhaust: As supplied by manufacturer per WKA rulebook for Manufacturers Cup class
Clutch: May run axle clutch
Fuel: Spec Fuel

For more information on the WKA Vega Road Racing Series Presented by Summit Racing Equipment please CLICK HERE.

Stay tuned for more news, information and announcements coming from the World Karting Association in the coming weeks.