World Karting Association Tech Manual Cover Design Winner: Elizabeth Phillips

In yet another way to involve the World Karting Association (WKA) membership base, WKA ran the second ever “Design the Tech Manual Cover” contest. Bringing team owners, mechanics, drivers and family into the design process, the clear winner for the second year in a row was Elizabeth Phillips.

“Elizabeth produced the best Tech Manual cover and was the clear winner,” expressed Kevin Williams. “Putting her design skills to work, a winner themed program will be the cover of the 2021/2022 WKA Tech Manual which will be in the hands of our membership base by the end of the month.”

A WKA racer herself as she competes in the Road Race TAG Sprint categories, Elizabeth has once again put her education to good use to exhibit the thrill of victory in WKA Karting with her custom design for the 2021/2022 WKA Tech Manual.

Williams continued, “For her efforts, Elizabeth will enjoy $200 cash for her design, which she says will be used to prep her motors for the upcoming WKA Daytona Kartweek event.”

The WKA Tech Manuals will ship late November in time for Daytona.

Stay tuned for more news, information and announcements coming from the World Karting Association in the coming weeks.